America Doesn’t Yet Exist

“There is nowhere in this country that I would want to fly over. I’m interested in all Americans.” – Bono

Bono has always been a fan of the idea of America. And today for me, a moment of contemplation is called for, so it seemed like a good day to share Bono’s thoughts on America. I found his words quite beautiful, true and hopeful.

Maybe yesterday there was no national “red wave” which is good, but we are definitely having one here in Iowa which is very, very bad. It is so disappointing and frankly unfathomable that so many people in our state could be persuaded to vote for the worst candidates for office ever instead of the honest, decent, caring people on the Democratic side. I know what it is. It’s the money and it’s the propaganda and it’s the Trump cult. It’s still  hard to fathom even when you know.

Is this hell?  No, it’s Iowa. Fly-over country. Please come and see us, Bono. Maybe you can help.



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