Five Reasons To Not Vote For Chuck Grassley

Early voting is underway! The safest way to vote is in person at your county auditor’s office. Look up that information at the SOS website here. Flip the ballot over and vote NO on the Reckless Gun Amendment. Vote for Democrats Mike Franken, Deidre DeJear and depending on your congressional district vote for Cindy Axne, Christina Bohannan, Liz Mathis, and Ryan Melton. Vote for Rob Sand for state auditor and Tom Miller for attorney general. Vote for Democrats for Iowa House and Senate.

This letter by our friend Ed Flaherty appeared in West Branch Times, Coon Rapids Enterprise, IC Press Citizen, and Ft. Madison newspapers. Published here with permission.

Five Reasons to  NOT Vote for Chuck Grassley

  1.  He voted for the Trump tax breaks for the ultra-rich.  The legislation’s provisions that marginally help middle class families expire, while  corporate tax breaks are permanent.  The national debt is projected to rise $1.9 trillion over 10 years as a result of the legislation.

  2. He has consistently opposed legislation, five times, that would give the Federal Government the ability to negotiate for lower drug prices.

  3. While touting his support for law enforcement, he has derided the FBI, and has warned Iowans about IRS agents forcibly entering their homes with assault weapons.

  4. He has consistently supported since 2015  Saudi Arabia’s use of deadly force in Yemen’s civil war.  Instead, he has always endorsed  the U.S.’ essential role in the Saudi Coalition’s military efforts.

  5. He has voted at least three times to deny proposed health benefits for veterans


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