Is Iowa Prepared For Republican Election Shenanigans?

From our inbox – would like to share this important message.

There are bound to be a number of close elections this November. The kind of races that come down to just a few votes.

And one thing you can be sure of is this: Republicans will challenge the outcomes in those races.

Think Kari Lake will concede? Think Ron Johnson will admit he lost? How about Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania?

This is not the kind of thing we can only start thinking about after November 8. We have to prepare now.

The voices of veterans and military family members will be critical in those fights. So we’re asking:

Can you please make a $3 contribution to VoteVets today? We’ll put your donation right to work making sure Democrats keep control of the House and Senate. “elevates the voices of Veterans and military families through progressive legislative policies and electoral endorsements that impact the lives of active service members, Veterans, and the country. “

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