“Everything Republicans Are Mad About Is Entirely Imaginary”

John Oliver exposes Republicans 4:40:

I ran across this article on Wonkette a week or two ago and have been waiting for an opening to bring it to your attention. Much like Wonkette I have been trying to come up with a way of noting that Republicans from the courthouse to the White House simply do not deal with reality. Their issues are either phoney-baloney issues or if the issue is real then the Republican take on it is some form of phoney.

Wonkette has great opening paragraphs:

“Every once in a while it occurs to me that I am very frequently stuck writing the same thing over and over again. One of those things is “Republicans Mad At Thing They Made Up Themselves.” In fact, it has occurred to me at this point that I cannot think of a single real thing that the Right has been truly mad about in the last decade at least. I can’t even think of a policy they didn’t like based on a thing it was actually going to do.

I’m not talking just the wacky conspiracy theories, the QAnon, the Pizzagate, the Great Replacement, Satanic Panic — I’m talking the regular-ass, mainstream (whatever can even be called mainstream these days) Republican crap. It’s literally all made up. They do not have a single position on any issue that is not at least partly fiction.

The thing that just really made this click for me at this particular moment in time is the very casual nature with which they are now insisting that not only is “abortion up until the moment of birth” a thing, but that abortion after birth is a thing as well.”

She then goes on to an in depth discussion of how Republicans have totally phonied up the abortion issue during this election. All that talk about “abortion up to and after (?) birth” is total bullshit and simply falls in the “imaginary” realm. Yet when have you ever heard anyone in the media stop a Republican and tell them to give examples?

After her in depth on abortion, Wonkette lists some (not all) of the other imaginary issues that get Republican knickers in a knot even though they are not real. Here we will list the other issues she riffs on to a lesser degree: Remember these are all imaginary bs:

LGBTQI people trying to “convert” or “groom” heterosexual cisgender children into believing they are gay or trans.

Teachers are handing out hardcore pornography to elementary school students!

Liberals are being soft on crime and that is making crime go up!  (This one is really interesting)

Academics are nefariously plotting … something (Critical Race Theory anyone?)

Liberals going to take away all of our guns so they can do tyranny to us!

Liberals just want people to take safety measures during a pandemic because they want to control us!

Poor people are buying King Crab legs with SNAP cards!

No one will let us be alpha males anymore!

Elections are being stolen!

All this is followed by a great summary paragraph:

I legitimately cannot think of a single thing that Republicans are mad at that is real. They’re never mad at what is happening, but what they believe could be happening or could happen in the future, hypothetically. Even when they oppose real things, they make up fantastical reasons to oppose them that have absolutely nothing to do with reality. They were upset over the ACA because of death panels, a thing they made up! They were upset over President Obama being Black and tried to pretend like what they were really upset about was that they weren’t sure he was an American citizen. They didn’t like Muslim people, so they want around screaming about how all the Muslims were going to try to do Shariah law to them. They don’t like Mexican people so they accuse Mexican immigrants of stealing their jobs and committing violent crimes.

Please go and read this article. It will help you realign with reality. Maybe show it to a friend.

I have two more I would like to riff on: First Inflation:

Inflation is real and debilitating. Where the imaginary part comes in is that it is all the fault of President Biden. First it is a worldwide problem not just the US. Second, inflation was already well underway when Biden took office, just as the last Republican depression didn’t start when Barrack Obama became president. Most economists now are pointing out that the basic cause of this inflation cycle in the US are corporations raising prices with little restraint due to competition.

The second point I wish to add is that the imaginary issues get play because our media is close to 100% owned by the right. Name one liberal media outlet in Iowa. You can’t and neither can I or anyone else. They see their business as getting “business friendly” candidates elected. That means pushing the imaginary issues. “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. 

Please vote for candidates who deal with reality. 

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