Sunday Funday: October Fest Edition

 A puppy, a pile, playtime! (3:15)

The temperature is cooling, the days are growing shorter, the corn and soybeans are being harvested and football is on the TV. We cover ourselves against the evening chill still not quite ready to turn the heat on yet – maybe cranking up a portable heater for a while. 

Soon the tree leaves will turn colors, then dry up and drop. The annual turn to fall with all its beauty and attendant work to prepare for winter. Oktoberfests will be celebrated around the world where people of all stripes enjoy music and beer and food. It is a good time to be alive.

But we still have wars, inflation and political shenanigans to attend to

A) Where to start this week? What country is having a presidential election today that features a far right wing incumbent and a previous president?

B) Speaking of elections, Giorgia Meloni’s election in what country rekindled memories of that  country’s WWII leadership?

C) Hurricane Ian was the center of much coverage this week. What level was Hurricane Ian when is slammed into Florida Wednesday night?

D) Tomorrow is the first Monday of October. What US government body begins a new term on the first Monday of October each year?

E) In yet another “election,” four territories within what country held sham elections that Russia claimed legitimized their status as Russian territories?

F) What congressional committee postponed their much anticipated public meeting due to Hurricane Ian Wednesday?

G) Pipelines carrying natural gas from from what country to what other country were ruptured by suspected sabotage Tuesday?

H) What TV propagandist claimed the above sabotage was the work of the Biden Administration?

I) What wife of a Supreme Court Justice was questioned last week by the January 6th committee on her involvement in the attempted coup?

J) Hispanic History Month: What two ancient empires covered much of current Mexico and Central America before the Spanish conquest?

K) 55 years ago today who was sworn in as the first African-American Supreme Court Justice?

L) McDonald’s new marketing campaign will be nostalgic trip featuring a what for adults?

M) Octoberfest: What German city is the home of the official Oktoberfest?

N) VP Kamala Harris spent time in what area of the world on official visits last week?

O) Happy Birthday, Mr. President. What former president turned 98 yesterday?

P) What notorious American was granted Russian citizenship last week?

Q) What NFL Hall-of-Fame quarterback is involved in a welfare fraud scandal in Mississippi?

R) In a test the US sent a missile to change the orbit of what outer space object?

S) Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds entered into a lawsuit to stop what executive order by President Biden from taking place?

T) What Hispanic is a sitting Justice on the Supreme Court?

Still waiting for the media to cover Donald J. Trump’s stolen documents in any way close to how they covered Hillary Clinton’s emails. – ethanpersists tweet


A) Brazil

B) Italy

C) 4 just short of a 5

D) the Supreme Court

E) Ukraine

F) the January 6th Committee

G) from Russia to Germany. The flow had been stopped earlier but there was gas in the pipeline.

H) Tucker Carlson on Fox

I) Ginni Thomas

J) Aztec and Maya

K) Thurgood Marshall

L) Happy Meal

M) Munich

N) Japan and South Korea

O) Jimmy Carter 

P) Edward Snowden

Q) Brett Favre

R) an asteroid.

S) the student loan forgiveness

T)Sonia Sotomayer

All I can say is thank God Biden is POTUS, because if it was a Blue State fighting material disaster and there was a Republican POTUS, there would be no funds. – Woman In The Moon tweet

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