Kim Reynolds Wants Her “Own” Attorney General And Her “Own” State Auditor

We received a message in our inbox yesterday from Rob Sand, current State Auditor regarding who really does “own” the state auditor’s office.

“I’ve got news for all the partisan players here in Iowa: Nobody “owns” this office — a State Auditor serves the taxpayers, full stop.

I’m not afraid to go head-to-head with political partisans,  — but I could use your help making sure they can’t buy this race to install their “own” State Auditor.

Here’s the deal. I have gone after whoever has deserved it and defended whoever has deserved it — governors, institutions, insiders, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, you name it. That’s what I promise to keep doing — telling the truth and holding powerful people accountable to you.” – Rob Sand

 Please consider a donation to Rob Sand for Iowa State Auditor. Go to his website at  Follow him on Facebook.

The only person suing someone every time she turns around is Reynolds.

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