Stand With Tom And J.D!

Campaign alert for Tom Miller from J. D. Scholten. And while you’re at it support JD for Iowa House District 1.  Visit his campaign website and make a donation here.

Many folks know me as the baseball player who took on Steve King and nearly beat him in a very red district. But did you know that Steve King’s former Chief of Staff is running to become Iowa’s next Attorney General?

We can’t let Brenna Bird and Steve King’s divisive politics back into power. Will you split a $10 donation between my campaign and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller’s campaign?

 Tom’s an honest, hardworking Attorney General who has always put the best interests of Iowans first. No divisive politics. No attacking people based on their race or religion. Just good ol’ fashioned serving everyday people.

 We can’t afford more extremism taking over our politics. Brenna Bird is already pledging to take the Biden Administration to court, instead of proposing real solutions to our problems. That’s not leadership, it’s political theater.

Tom Miller is often called the “People’s Lawyer” and for good reason. Tom’s not here to make headlines by throwing mud, he’s working to hold corporate special interests accountable, including Big Pharma for the opioid crisis. And he’s laser focused on protecting our family farms and making sure Iowans are protected from scams.

We have a big, big election coming up in 83 days. We need to hold seats like mine in the State House and we need to re-elect Tom Miller as Iowa’s Attorney General. Will you split a $10 donation between my campaign and Tom’s campaign?

 Let’s close the door on the divisive politics of our past and forge a better path forward. After all, we’re ALL in this together.

 Standing Tall for All,

J.D. Scholten

If you’d like to send a check to Scholten for Iowa, please mail it to: Scholten for Iowa, P.O. Box 5351, Sioux City, IA 51102.

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