Mike Franken On The PACT Act

Admiral Mike Franken

A message from Admiral Michael Franken:

Wednesday night, Senate Republicans blocked the PACT Act, which would have given more treatment options to veterans exposed to fallout from toxic burn pits and who now suffer health ailments years after those deployments – including myself.

This is personal for me because I know many veterans who fear that burn pits are this century’s Agent Orange. If my opponent Chuck Grassley truly cared about veterans like me, he could use his seniority in Washington to demand action from Mitch McConnell and get this passed…

Please, head over to McConnell’s office and push this across the finish line, Senator Grassley. You must do more.

We cannot let this slide. Toxins from burn pits will become another Agent Orange situation for generations to come if we do not act now. Enough of playing politics with our veterans’ health.

When I defeat Chuck Grassley and become the most senior military person ever in the U.S. Senate, bills such as this will get my full attention and support.

Just another example of why it’s time to retire Chuck Grassley this November.

Mike Franken, U.S. Navy (ret.)

To learn more about Mike Franken’s campaign to be the next Iowa U.S. Senator, click here.

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