Sunday Funday: Mother’s Day As Roe Goes Away

Interesting juxtaposition isn’t it? As Samuel Alito takes an ax to women’s rights of privacy and the ability to make their own health care decisions comes just before Mother’s Day. Forcing women to become mothers at the possible loss of their health or life seems at odds with the spirit of Mother’s Day. So does the threat of long time jail terms for an attempted abortion.

Also interesting is that the men involved as the partner in making the woman pregnant has apparently no responsibility and will suffer no consequences. And of course as we all know, once the child is born that child and its mother are on their own. Good luck.

Well, we all know what the big story this week was. What else happened?

A) 120 degrees F! Where in the world are they getting these temperatures already?

B) Over in Lebanon, Indiana a Republican candidate wins a primary for county council in spite of what bad circumstances?

C) According to a new book by former Defense Secretary claims Trump wanted to bomb what country?

D) Another stellar jobs report as the Labor Department recorded how many new jobs Friday?

E) Mother’s Day! In ancient literature, who is Lilith? 

F) Republicans in the Iowa legislature passed a bill that would let child care providers do what with parents who get child care subsidy from the state?

G) In response to the leaked SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court building in DC had what done?

H) In another SCOTUS decision that was announced Monday, the city of Boston was told it was wrong in not allowing what flag to fly on a flagpole in front of city hall?

I) According to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer there will be a vote on what issue next week?

J) What aspect of the Roe v. Wade did Republican leaders focus on after the leak?

K) Jen Psaki is officially leaving as White House Press Secretary. Who will take her place?

L) Cynthia Rosenzweig won the World Food Prize Thursday for her work on what?

M) Mother’s Day! Is the average age of first time mothers in the US going up or down since 2000?

N) What famous comedian was attacked onstage at the Hollywood Bowl last week?

O) Turbo Tax will pay a settlement of $141 million for misleading ads that claimed what?

P) Is the deficit going up or down under President Biden?

Q) What US political leader led a visit to Ukraine last week?

R) 77 years ago today, what major world event took place?  (hint: May 8, 1945)

S) Iowa’s primaries are June 7th. When can Iowans start in person voting at their county auditor?

T) Over in Nebraska, Republican governor candidate Charles Herbster has been credibly accused of what crime?

Time to remind folks of the insightful words of Rev. Martin Niemöller as authoritarian government slowly grips the US:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. 

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. 

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. 

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


A) India and Pakistan

B) He is in jail because he killed his wife and admitted to it

C) Mexico

D) 428,000

E) First wife of Adam  made from the same dirt so was his equal    

F) negotiate so providers could possibly make up the difference between subsidy and what the provider charges. Probably won’t work for the poor.

G) Security fences and barricades installed

H) Christian. After that order the Satanic Church immediately filed a request to fly a flag.

I) Roe v. Wade legislation

J) the leak itself and not the ramifications of the decision. (My money is on John Roberts as the leaker)

K) Karine Jean-Pierre

L) the effects of climate change on agriculture

M) Going up – from 24 in 2000 to 27 in 2020

N) Dave Chapelle

O) Poor people could file taxes for free

Q) Nancy Pelosi

R) VE Day (Victory over Europe) – Germany surrendered

S) May 18th. 

T) Groping women – so far at least 8. 

For Republicans, the question is never, “Who is responsible?”  The question is, “Who snitched?” – Middle Age Riot

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