We Are Going Back

I don’t really like to just dump negativity out there. But it seems lately that the whole world is freely dumping their negativity everywhere you look in an attempt to make themselves feel better so here’s mine.  Deal with it. I have nothing positive to say today so stop reading if you’re looking for inspiration.

I always hate it when people  and pundits make declarations like, “this is the new normal,” “[insert bad thing] is here to stay” or “it’s only going to get worse” or “Trump (or some other bad thing) isn’t going anywhere”  and the one I hate the most “Like it or not….”   So here is my annoying declaration:  Like it or not we are going back. Everyone should just stop pretending so a real fight can ensue, not just pissing and moaning on social media like it’s just another day.

Like everyone else I’ve been reading/seeing/hearing the screaming and crying in the media now that the memo has leaked about what SCOTUS is going to do – overturn Roe v. Wade.  So here you all go, welcome to my meltdown.

It doesn’t look good. No matter how much Elizabeth Warren and Vice President Kamala Harris and feminists around the country send out rallying cries of “We’re not going back!” it appears we are indeed going back. No matter how many logical arguments you find or  post on Facebook and Twitter, they do not matter and will not change anything.  As usual it is too late to plan a fighting strategy now.  All the wailing and gnashing of teeth that is going on in the anti-social media right now cannot stop the corrupt, lying, Republican appointees on SCOTUS from turning the United States of America into a third world country or so it seems.

So what happens next?  Probably nothing except the ongoing erosion of democracy. And that is my most cheerful thought that I have for today.

But hey if you still have some fight in you go for it.


And if you really want to get psyched up, disgusted and infuriated enough to take some kind of action watch this to get a glimpse of how things will be in Iowa.  It’s from 2018. This idiot is still in office. And he’s not going anywhere.

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2 Responses to We Are Going Back

  1. A.D. says:

    I know that many Iowans prefer watching news videos to reading written news stories these days, and that’s absolutely fine. However, one reason some of us appreciate written information is because we have trouble understanding iffy audio.

    I can’t tell what Bobby Kauffman is saying in much of the video above. It would help the video reach more people if a written transcript were provided, and when a video is short like this one, I would hope it wouldn’t take very long to create a transcript. Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to submit this comment.

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    • Trish Nelson says:

      I will try to transcribe it when I get a chance and will post in the comments. Thanks for following Blog for Iowa!

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