Sunday Funday: Guns Kill Kids Edition

Not surprising news out this week: The #1 cause of death for children in America is now guns. It was cars and cancer, but through laws, regulations, lawsuits and competition cars have grown much safer over the years and cancer has long been a focus of research.   

Not so guns which have been shielded from any and all safety features by a Republican Party that works hand-in-hand with the gun industry to keep their products safety free and deadly. 

Strange how Republicans are so adamant about stopping abortions yet do nothing to help any child after birth, including doing something about the # 1 killer of kids, guns. 

What’s happenin’? 

A) Maybe the funniest story of the week involves Tucker Carlson and his prescription to make men more manly which includes a man doing what?

B) Patrick Lyoya of Grand Rapids Michigan died at the hands of police after being stopped for what minor traffic infraction?

C) Kathryn Kimball Mizelle had more than 15 minutes of fame last week when she did what?

D) What star witness of the Manhattan DA said “Indict Trump or I am out of here!” last week?

E) Lack of communication caused Capitol Police to send an evacuation alert of the Capitol complex as US Army parachutists were doing what?

F) Marjorie Taylor Greene had to testify on her own behalf Friday in a lawsuit that is trying to remove her from the ballot for what reason?

G) The Education Department announced changes in the income-drive repayment program which will help thousands of what group of people?

H) Florida rejected most school books on what subject saying that they “contained prohibited subjects” especially “critical race theory”?

I) On Fox’s “The Masked Singer” this week, judge Ken Jeong walked off the stage when who was revealed who was the masked singer?

J) Iowa will no longer be guaranteed first in the nation status for presidential reference in what party?

K) On the heels of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ‘don’t say gay’ law, the Florida legislature took away special governing status from what Florida based amusement park?

L) What Republican governor caused a massive backup at the border by slowing inspections of trucks? This has caused a spike in food prices and massive amounts of spoiled produce.

M) Failure to launch! What highly hyped internet news service announced it will shut down April 30th just a month after it launched?

N) Early for wildfires, but they are raging in what southwestern states?

O) If you are Elon Musk and you want to buy a toy what do you try to buy?

P) A New Jersey Catholic diocese will pay out what record amount to 300 victims of priest abuse?

Q) What streaming service was punished in the stock market after it reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers?

R) The Biden Administration announced a new initiative that will send dollars and help to isolated communities on what segment of America?

S) The Ohio Republican senate primary seems to be highlighting an open rift between Trumps forces and those of what major Republican electoral powerhouse?

T) Michigan state senator Mallory McMorrow responded on the floor of the state senate to a flier from her Republican opponent claiming McMorrow was a what?

When I look at how some people wear their masks, I slowly realize why contraception goes wrong so often. – Sidney W


A) tanning his balls. Men you are on your own on this one

B) A license plate violation

C) ended the federal government’s mandate to wear masks on transportation

D) Michael Cohen

E) Parachuting into the Washington Nationals baseball game. The Army failed to advise the Capitol Police of the stunt

F) taking part in an insurrection against the US

G) student loan borrowers

H) Math – no, really, math

I) Rudy Giuliani

J) democratic

K) Disney World. This will throw a heavy tax burden on Orange County residents

L) Abbot of Texas


N) Arizona and New Mexico

O) Twitter

P) $87.5 million

Q) Netflix

R) rural areas – the Rural Partners Network

S) Club For Growth

T) a ‘groomer’ – this term is now being used to claim Democrats are pedophiles

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