Don’t Bother Calling Republicans. Why Letters To The Editor Are Crucial

In this video a questioner exposes Joni Ernst for not acknowledging how many progressives are contacting her office.  Watch and learn why letters to the editor of your local paper are more effective than calling or writing today’s Republican office holders directly. Indivisible apparently has also seen the light as reflected in their action alert below.

Action Alert from Indivisible

Why are LTEs important?

We all know that direct advocacy works. Engaging directly with our representatives is at the core of the Indivisible movement. When we contact our representatives, we remind them what the people think is important, who they are working for, and who has the power to keep them in office. People power is the most potent tool in the political playbook.

There are many ways to drive people to act. The most common and impactful is always direct contact — it’s why we call, text, and knock on doors. But, we never quite reach everyone and you can’t support what you can’t imagine.

When we write a letter to the editor, we are driving the public perception of what is accepted and what is popular. We speak out to challenge the idea of what is possible. In doing so, we add to the public chorus of voices pushing our representatives to act for the benefit of the people.

Much like a conversation with a neighbor, a letter to the editor can help a budding activist realize that they are not alone. Do you remember the first time that you read a voice that mirrored your dreams for a just and equitable future? Do you remember how freeing it was to see your ideas in a public forum? We do. These are the moments that allow us to give ourselves permission to act, to engage, to demand a better world.

Whereas most of our actions exist in a vacuum — Calls to your members of congress are highly impactful but they don’t reach the general public — LTEs are one of the few tools that work in both directions. They push our representatives to act through clear and visible public asks while also reminding our community that they are not alone and have the power to change our world.

This is how we effect change and build community. So let’s focus on some letters to the editor this week

  1. Sign up for Indivisible’s National Rural Caucus. Whether you’ve been organizing in your rural community for decades or are just getting involved, our rural program provides space to connect with one another, engage in rural electoral and advocacy work, and celebrate rural resistance and power building.
  2. Sign up to receive a monthly rural newsletter geared specifically towards organizing for change in rural communities.
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