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As usual, here is Friday’s High Five from the folks at Progress Iowa. We will post this during the legislative session:

It’s Friday!

Yesterday, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson made history, becoming the first Black woman to be confirmed to the Supreme Court! She is only the sixth woman, third Black person, and the first public defender to be confirmed to the court. We don’t get to celebrate historic victories like this every day, so we encourage you to take a minute to enjoy it and recognize this important moment.

And while Republicans in Des Moines are trying to make life harder for hard working Iowans, we won’t let them steal our joy at this historic accomplishment. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to let their harmful agendas slide.

So, let’s take a look at today’s top headline:

1. IOWA GDP: WORST IN THE NATION: The Bureau of Economic Analysis new report on Iowa’s 4th quarter GDP growth in 2021 shows that Biden’s economic success is not being repeated by Corporate Kim Reynolds. Iowa had the worst GDP growth in the nation, and Corporate Kim Reynolds’ unemployment cuts aren’t going to help. We need leaders who will fight for all Iowans, not just to give massive tax breaks to large corporations that leave the rest of us paying more.

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After you share that message, check out some of the other top stories we’re watching today:

2. REYNOLDS TO CLOSE GLENWOOD RESOURCE CENTER: Yesterday, Governor Reynolds announced that the Glenwood Resource Center will be closing in two years. This is a devastating loss for the Iowans and their families who relied on Glenwood for healthcare, and another example of Reynolds’ failed leadership. Shuttering this facility is displacing 152 patients, sending them hours away from where their families have visited them, many of them having lived at GRC for decades. Instead of giving corporations millions of dollars in tax cuts, Reynolds should’ve focused on investing in state resources that benefit the most vulnerable, rather than neglecting the issues at Glenwood for years.

3. TIME TO RENAME GEORGE FLAGG PARKWAY: George Flagg Parkway, named after a former longtime Des Moines city council member, is facing calls to be renamed after earlier news stories about the councilman’s xenophobia and racism resurfaced. Des Moines, the capital and largest city in Iowa, should be a place where every community feels welcome. Renaming George Flagg Parkway to something without a deeply prejudiced history is an important step to creating that accepting and safe community.

4. HUMAN SKULLS INTERCEPTED IN IOWA: A strange story today from Des Moines TV station KCCI, showing that six human skulls were intercepted by United States’ Customs in Chicago. These skulls were headed for Iowa, but why they were isn’t clear yet. Strange times in Iowa.

5. KETANJI BROWN JACKSON IS MAKING HISTORY: Yesterday afternoon, Democratic Senators, joined by Republicans Collins, Romney, and Murkowski, voted to confirm Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court of the United States. This is an historic and incredible win for the US court system; however, Iowans will also remember this as a day that Senators Grassley and Ernst voted against the more than qualified Justice. That’s why we will be holding them accountable and urge you to do so as well.

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Thanks for reading, and we’ll get back with you tomorrow for another Hive Five!

– The Progress Iowa Team

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