Sunday Funday: Justice Jackson Edition

President Biden hugs newest SC Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Thursday’s vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court had many interesting little bits. Many of the little bits were part of the whole show that Republicans put on to show their disgust with the process. That disgust no doubt was all based on the fact that now Justice Jackson is a black woman.

Rand Paul’s refusal to come to the floor to vote, Mitch McConnell’s leading a walkout of his party from the Senate chamber following the vote along with all the innuendo that Justice Jackson was a pedophile were all actions unworthy of our country. We are so happy that more intelligent folks prevailed and we now have a new justice.

That was the highlight of what was one of the more historic weeks in what is a continuing historic time in the world.

A) Extreme right winger Marine LePen seems to be catching fire just before voting starts Sunday in what major European country?

B) What three Republican senators voted yes on the confirmation of Judge Jackson Thursday?

C) What suburb of Kyiv in Ukraine was the site of horrible atrocities as Russian soldiers retreated last week?

D) What illness is causing flocks of chickens and turkeys to be culled in northwest Iowa?

E) Walmart announced that it will pay new starting truck drivers up to how much per year?

F) Four members of what group very close to the President and First Lady have been placed on leave for what reason?

G) In order to cool off the housing market in Canada, the government has banned who from buying property there?

H) A massive power outage of unknown origin hit what US commonwealth?

I) Among new sanctions imposed by the US against Russia included targeted sanctions against members of whose family?

J) What basketball teams won the college national title games last weekend?

K) Three signatures are the crux of a dispute over the nominating petitions for what Democratic candidate for US senate in Iowa?

L) Studies from Britain released this week gave much insight into the effects of what disease by studying volunteers purposely infected?

M) The US House voted to charge what 2 Trump aides with contempt of congress?

N) How did Iowa’s congress members vote on those contempt charges?

O) Oklahoma passed a law that made performing what medical procedure a felony with a $100,000 fine and ten years in prison?

P) Who paid a visit to the White House last Tuesday to commemorate the signing of the ACA?

Q) Who became the largest investor in Twitter last week?

R) Ken Burns had a new documentary premier on PBS this week on the life of which founding father?

S) What 1950s and 1960s recording star from Philadelphia died last week at the age of 79?

T) What top media critic on the left was killed in a bicycle/train accident Wednesday?

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Russia calls atrocities in Ukraine fake news. Republicans call atrocities at the Capitol on Jan 6 fake news. any questions

Randy Rainbow – not safe for work (3.5 minutes)


A) France

B) Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins

C) Bucha

D) bird flu

E) $95,000 to $110,000 per year

F) Secret Service

G) people from foreign countries

H) Puerto Rico

I) Putin’s – his two daughters specifically

J) South Carolina won the women’s title and Kansas won the men’s

K) Abby Finkenauer

L) covid

M) Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino

N) Hinson, Miller-Meeks and Feenstra all voted against the charges, Axne voted for the charges

O) abortion

P) Former President Obama

Q) Elon Musk

R) Ben Franklin

S) Bobby Rydell

T) Eric Boehlert

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