One Way To Stand Up To Putin

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Tucker Carlson—whose prolific record of spewing racist, inflammatory, and generally awful bile on national television—is now essential viewing for fans of Vladimir Putin.

That’s the word from David Corn, who got his hands on a leaked Kremlin memo instructing Russian media outlets to feature Carlson and his pro-Putin talking points in broadcasts. The memo calls it “essential” to do this “as much as possible.”

You can check out photos of the memo here. (We’re not publishing the full document in order to protect Corn’s source.) But the top takeaway touting Carlson as a must-watch for Kremlin-friendly media should genuinely concern you. Remember, Carlson boasts the largest total audience on cable news. Millions of Americans are closing out their evenings by consuming pro-Putin views during a war rife with misinformation—and that’s on top of the vitriolic programming Carlson so regularly supplies.

Stay tuned to this space to see if Carlson, or as New York once brilliantly called him, the “sentient pair of pleated khakis,” responds to Corn’s reporting tonight on his show.

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—Inae Oh

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