Nobel Nominee Kathy Kelly To Speak In Iowa City

Peace Activist Kathy Kelly
“War Is Never the Answer”
Friday, March 18th, 7:00 pm
Unitarian Universalist Society
2355 Oakdale Rd, Coralville

Kathy Kelly, American peace activist, author, and member of the Veterans For Peace Advisory Board, will speak on “War Is Never The Answer” on Friday March 18.

Kelly has worked extensively for peace in the past thirty
years in Iraq, Afghanistan, and US streets and prisons. Veterans For Peace #161 and the Unitarian Universalist Society are co-sponsoring the event.

This event is free and open to the public.

Contact John Jadryev at 319 430-2019 for additional information.

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1 Response to Nobel Nominee Kathy Kelly To Speak In Iowa City

  1. Will this be on Zoom or Facebook Live — or recorded for later viewing?
    ~~ Frank Kromkowski/Helena Montana Service for Peace and Justice 406-443-0843

    Kathy Kelly, Peace Seeker of the Year 2005 Award from the Montana Peace Seekers Network (December 2005)
    The Montana Peace Seekers Network is blessed and deeply privileged to name you, Kathy Kelly, as Peace Seeker of the Year 2005, as an expression of the deep respect, appreciation and honor in which you are held by the peace and justice community of Montana. This award represents a tribute to you for the
    courageous leadership, perseverance, and unshakable spirit that you have manifested by:
    … listening to the cries of those most afflicted, often hard to hear, and responding like a voice in the wilderness, raising their laments to our attention, calling us to respond with compassion
    … rejecting the works of war and instead practicing the works of mercy day in and day out nonviolently defying the so-called rulers of our time as they pursue unjust, immoral wars and strategies of death and destruction with a $400 billion dollar defense budget that steals from human needs and fails to protect the world’s children and the most vulnerable
    … putting your life and body in the way of the warmakers by holding the children of Iraq and trying to comfort them as the bombs were dropping in their neighborhoods in our name
    … nonviolently defying the cruel U.S. and U.N. 1990-2003 embargo and economic sanctions that targeted not the leaders but the people of Iraq — by organizing and leading Voices in the Wilderness delegations to Iraq to deliver medicines and toys to children’s hospitals in Iraq and defying the merciless sanctions that were directly responsible (as of 1996) for the death of more than 500,000 children of Iraq under the age of five
    … being an ambassador of peace and a faithful representative of the humble one who said “Blessed are the peacemakers. They shall be called God’s children”
    … bringing a heart of compassion and nonviolence into the wilderness of U.S. foreign and military policy –asking us not to follow those who would lead us and our sons and daughters and friends toward more killing and more destruction
    … being a vessel of love and compassion and courage, inspiring a wider and wider circle of peacemakers and justicemakers, helping to form a powerful community of gentle, strong people who cannot be turned back from the works of mercy by threats and intimidations from our nation’s leaders
    … working day in day out, in prison and out of prison, to inflame in all you meet passions for justice and peace and compassion rather than passions for hatred and war and injustice
    … not looking the other way, by refusing to keep quiet about and bury the murderous truth that upwards of 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the U.S. war against Iraq, with child malnutrition escalating and chronic outbreaks of such diseases as hepatitis and cholera occurring in Iraq — proclaiming and providing the evidence for the truth that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was and is a human catastrophe and crime, not a victory
    … giving us hope that we can get together to nonviolently defeat U.S. militarism, at home and abroad, hand holding hand, catching courage from one another to raise pressure against war, delivering a verdict against war and occupation and moving us all to the works of mercy.
    We see in your loving heart and hands the light that shines and dances and makes us one with all life.
    We pledge to go with you to light, life and love, rejecting the works of war, doing the works of mercy.

    Click to access KathyKelly-PeaceSeekersAward.pdf


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