Sunday Funday: High Holy Days Of Basketball Edition

Short highlight reel of Caitlin Clark (2:17 minutes):

It’s that time of year folks. Yep the High Holy Days of Basketball are upon us. Some of you may call it March. For us true believers, it is the holy days of the world’s greatest sport. And for Iowans, this year may bring the very greatest of rewards possible – national titles. This ride is about to get exciting.

Today is also national screw up your sleep day. Did you set your clock? Did you set it correctly? Why do we do this?

One simple word to Senators Grassley and Ernst. We don’t need ethanol to replace Russian oil, we need more and more electric cars. That will help the environment also.

And now – on to the quiz before the games start.

A) Following airplane engine problems leading to an emergency landing, what former major politician is fundraising for a new plane online?

B) The forecast for this spring and summer in the USA’s east includes what insects invading from the sky?

C) What is the newly identified variant of the corona virus called?

D) One teen was killed and two young women were hurt in a shooting that took place outside of what Des Moines high school?

E) We now have a female Vice-President. Who was the first female nominee by a major party for Vice-President?

F) Extremist Republican congress member Madison Cawthorn declared what world leaders be a “thug” in a speech last week?

G) Former VP Mike Pence, with an eye on the White House, showed up in what foreign country last week?

H) China has once again locked down a major city due to Covid. This time it is Changchun a city with a population of about what?

I) Long term effects: A new study has found a direct correlation between air pollution and what discriminatory mortgage practices of the ‘30s?

J) Two icons of the early women’s movement, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, organized what seminal women’s convention held in 1848?

K) Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill (no doubt soon to come to Iowa) has been dubbed what by the public?

L) Millionaires and billionaires end lockout. What major league sport announced a settlement to end a 90 day lockout and preserve their upcoming season?

M) Amazingly, the US senate passed what bill, after 200 attempts and over 100 years, last week by unanimous consent?

N) In another legislative surprise what bill geared toward women was passed as part or the $1.5T omnibus spending bill last week?

O) Once again, what Republican senator has announced he would slow down Biden’s nomination for SCOTUS reprising his role in the Merrick Garland nomination?

P) Studies on the effects of long covid are just beginning. So far evidence indicates that even mild covid can cause damage in what organ?

Q) Proposals have been made to suspend the federal gas tax as prices spike. How much is the federal gas tax?

R) The ship of what Antarctic explorer has been discovered sunken but intact 107 years after it was lost?

S) What member of congress paid out her annual salary in fines related to refusing to wear a mask in the chamber?

T) President Biden ordered a study concerning the risks and other issues of what?

We CAN’T ban Russian oil. Gas prices will soar, people will drive less, and climate change will slow. Oh wait. – Andy Borowitz


A) Trump – and we thought he was a billionaire

B) parachute spiders

C) deltacron – it appears to be a cross between the delta and omicron variants

D) East HS

E) Geraldine Ferraro by the Democrats in 1984

F) Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine

G) He made an appearance at the Poland – Ukraine border.

H) 9 million

I) red lining

J) The Seneca Falls Convention

K) the “don’t say gay” bill

L) Baseball

M) The Emmitt Till Anti-lynching Bill.

N) the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was renewed after many lapsed years

O) Our own Chuck Grassley who refused to give Merrick Garland a hearing in 2016

P) the brain – some damage to the portion that processes smells and some loss of total volume

Q) 18 cents a gallon

R) Earnest Shackleton

S) Marjory Taylor Greene.

T) crypto currency

“I stand with Ukraine, but f*ck you, Biden, for making me pay higher gas prices” is going to be the stupidity we’re gonna hear for months. – Rude Pundit tweet

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