Sunday Funday: Women’s History Month Edition

Al Franken: GOP on CRT: (10 minutes)

  • Katenji Brown Jackson is nominated as the first black woman for a seat on the SCOTUS
  • As President Biden gives his first State of the Union Address he is backed by VP Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, women who have achieved the highest level ever in our government.

History makers to start off Women’s History month.

To do my part I will be watching the Iowa women’s basketball team led by the transcendent star Caitlin Clark win the Big 10’s tournament championship. This follows watching many hours of the Iowa state Girl’s basketball tourney plus some of the Illinois girl’s tourney.

What Happened last week?

A) Gallows humor: A joke tweeted out of Ukraine said people will not have to declare what on their income taxes this year?

B) The Biden Administration Labor numbers remain super strong with how many new hires in February?

C) Women’s History: What FDR cabinet member is credited with developing policies on Social Security and Labor (including policy on unions)?

D) Who tied for the Big Ten’s Women’s basketball regular season championship last Sunday?

E) In one of the world’s worst nightmares, Russian troops laid siege to what kind of a structure Thursday night into Friday?

F) As summer turns to fall in Australia, massive rains caused huge flooding in what two Australian population centers?

G) What American senator called for Putin’s assassination by ’someone in Russia”?

H) To cover their number of losses in Ukraine, the Russian Army is doing what to the bodies of their fallen soldiers?

I) Governor Reynolds took what step to aid Ukraine last week?

J) Russia has blacked access to what tech giant inside its borders?

K) Who was the ecologist writer whose path breaking book, “Silent Spring” in 1962 initiated the environmental movement?

L) According to an IPCC report last week, the dangers caused by what are mounting so fast that it is almost beyond man or nature to mitigate them now?

M) Approximately what is the current value of the ruble?

N) Which two Republican congress members heckled President Biden during the SOTU as he spoke of his son who died of brain cancer?

O) Vice-President Kamala Harris is taking part in what commemoration this weekend?

P) What woman, born in Kyiv, Ukraine and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin grew up to be Israeli prime minister from 1969 to 1974?

Q) Last weekend the Conservative Political Action Conference selected who for second place in their presidential straw poll?

R) What normally neutral country broke that tradition to join EU sanctions against Russia?

S) Guy Wesley Reffitt, 3 percenter on trial for his part in the January 6th attack on our government, targeted what government leader that day?

T) Governor Reynolds signed a bill banning what group of people from participating in sports in Iowa?

“In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”— George Orwell


A) Stolen Russian tanks

B) 678,000

C) Frances Perkins.

D) Your Iowa Hawkeyes!

E) Europe’s largest nuclear power plant located in Ukraine.

F) Brisbane (up to 4 feet of rain) and Sydney

G) Lindsey Graham – great propaganda for Putin

H) cremating them in portable crematoriums

I) She banned the sale of Russian made vodka! It is the least she could do.

J) Facebook

K) Rachel Carson

L) climate change

M) 8/10ths of a penny as of Friday night (I think that makes a Big Mac about 700 rubles?)

N) Lauren Boebert and Majorie Taylor Greene – real classy.

O) the 57th commemoration of the crossing of the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma, Alabama

P) Golda Meir

Q) Ron DeSantis of Florida

R) Switzerland

S) Nancy Pelosi

T) Transgenders.

If any normal American acted in their workplace the way Marjorie Taylor Greene acted last night, they would be fired from their job. – Marcus Flowers who is running to unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene

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