DeJear Gains 10,000 Twitter Followers After Reynolds Speech

What the hell was she even talking about?  The speech was total gibberish. It was not a response to what Biden actually said or any other real thing.  Yikes.

The good news is Reynolds’ opponent in the governor’s race Democrat Deidre DeJear gained 10,000 Twitter followers overnight. You can support DeJear by following her on Twitter and Facebook. Make a donation on her campaign website

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1 Response to DeJear Gains 10,000 Twitter Followers After Reynolds Speech

  1. cedric robinson says:

    thanks for this, would have been a better world if the Pres.had spoken up for the Black community in his address and denounced the Repug white christian nationalist revival of our apartheid system that Reynold’s sold in hers but he isn’t that guy, is anyone in the Iowa Dems or our chattering class, will they fully back DD or do their usual?


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