Watch Iowa Press Reporters’ Roundtable

Watch if you can stomach it.  So many people have told me they don’t watch anymore because they can’t stomach it. This weekend’s program wasn’t terrible off and on. They were a little snide about Republicans here and there but no serious criticism.  They talk about the evil Republicans so nonchalantly as if their corrupt behavior is merely a curiosity if they acknowledge it at all. They use words like “interesting” and “fascinating” and crack jokes about the legislature, glorifying the Republicans’ political advantages, focusing on what Republicans want, what Republicans “believe,” forcing the viewer to listen to Kay talk up Joni Ernst and her  criticisms of President Biden as if she is something more than an installed right wing puppet.  And no one on the stage had the nerve to point out that the flat tax Republicans passed is not fair. No, they just said that’s what the Democrats think. Glad they’re having a good time watching Republicans ruin everything. Watch the show then send them some feedback.

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