Reynolds Right Wing Rants Go Unchallenged On Iowa Press

Reynolds during a Covid-19 press briefing being asked a question by a reporter

Kim Reynolds was the guest on Iowa Press this weekend. As you would expect she had a  right wing talking point and alternative fact ready for every question. The Iowa press crew was predictably worthless in response. It’s not that they didn’t ask a few decent questions but the problem is there was absolutely no follow up or challenge to Reynolds’ nonsensical responses and she went on a couple of wild rants that these veteran reporters made no effort to challenge.

Questions without follow up turn into nothing but opportunities to lie without getting caught. Iowa Press needs to look at its program format and make some room for follow up questions. They should know Republicans are going to say what they want because they know there will be no accountability. They seem to find time to ask Democrats follow up questions.  If there needs to be more time to ask a follow up question, make this program an hour long because it may as well be discontinued if it is going to do nothing but give  Republicans a format to lie and make stuff up. It’s not like the rest of the station’s programming schedule is so awesome that it wouldn’t be a net gain to provide more time to educate Iowans about their corrupt leaders.

Watch the program. It’s only 22 minutes of content, less if you speed it up.  Then contact Iowa Press and give them your feedback.

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3 Responses to Reynolds Right Wing Rants Go Unchallenged On Iowa Press

  1. cedric robinson says:

    we need to boycott ipr and iowapbs over this stuff, they both routinely ignore critiques like the one offered here, misleading the public (grant gerlock is on river2river as i write this giving credence to phony grassroots foundations for attacks on public education and ignoring national reporting sent to him on organized neolib underpinnings for all of this), and or with help from iowa political science faculty every weds on river2river turning every matter into a question of horse-race electability and largely ignoring the impacts on Democracy and quality of life issues,
    iowapbs not only has this terrible program but also the trump/branstad/grassley loving, climate-change/science denying, cropaganda show market2market, so why not a movement to demand public media that gives accurate information, why are we funding these folks to do us more harm?

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    • cedric robinson says:

      thanks trish, maddening that we keep rewarding/supporting their smug incompetence, a primary driver seems to be the general midwestern chip on the shoulder about being from flyover country (even charity nebbe who is a good egg has built her show around animus at being written off as the land of corn and soy) which mixes in with the iowa nice (everything is either good or just about to be good again so why are you being so critical/negative?) to become a really toxic strain of denial for Repugs to play off of, this self-satisfaction (no doubt fed by the cursed presidential caucuses) has to be challenged if meaningful change can happen and the Dem leadership is obviously
      incapable /unwilling so we need to hit them them all where it hurts in the wallet or just walk away as we don’t really have any other leverage,
      clearly our votes and opinions (tho godz bless @lyzl and all for trying) are too few to really matter.


  2. A.D. says:

    I just want to briefly mention that for those of us who can no longer stand to watch Reynolds and other Iowa Republicans blathering on TV, IOWA PRESS does provide transcripts. For me, skimming the Reynolds transcript was a lot faster and less painful than suffering through the show.

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