Sunday Funday: Black Presidents’ Day Edition

He’s back with a special guest! Randy Rainbow (4 minutes) 

Lookie there! It is Black History Month and Presidents Day rolled into one – Black Presidents History weekend, I guess. Quick, can you name the presidents who have also coincidently been black? Barack Obama! Very good!

Lots and lots stirring in the worldly soup these days. Olympics end, Russia starting a war as Republicans try to figure out which side they are on, the January 6th committee about to go live on TV – boy that will be TV worth watching – and Covid maybe subsiding or maybe getting ready for another bad wave. Things will be shaking soon. Good thing we have a steady hand at the wheel.

BTW, you may not plead the 5th amendment during this quiz!

A) The Canadian trucker protest is slowly being dismantled. Last Monday, Canadian police reopened what major bridge between Canada and the US?

B) What claim by Trump’s lawyer was dismissed by a NY Supreme Court judge in the Trump tax trial?

C) Who was the first president to die in office? (Should have learned this in grade school)

D) Which member of the British royal family settled a sexual abuse lawsuit out of court last week to avoid a trial?

E) President Biden rejected the idea of executive privilege for the previous president and released what usually public White House records?

F) Big news in medicine this week as a women has apparently been cured of what viral disease that was the scourge of the 1980s and 1990s?

G) Funnel week at the Iowa Legislature. A bill that diverts public school money to what purpose passed out on funnel week?

H) Which president served as both Vice-President and President even though he was never elected to either office?

I) In what is considered to be a ‘false flag’ operation, what kind of school was attacked in Ukraine Thursday?

J) On the labor front, union votes are set for two locations of what internet retail giant in the next month?

K) The first protest against slavery in America happened in 1688 led by what religious group?

L) In a really strange story, 8 Republican senators have expressed that it would be wrong to put what people on the federal ‘no-fly’ list?

M) A lawsuit brought by who against the NYT for defamation was thrown out on Valentine’s Day?

N) In what year was the first slaves brought to Virginia?

O) US military pilot Gail Halvorsen died in Utah at age 101 Wednesday. Halvorsen’s death was most noted in Berlin Germany where he was known for doing what during the Berlin blockade of 1949?

P) Parents of children shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School settled a lawsuit for $73 Million against what manufacturer of the murder weapon?

Q) In 1956 what black entertainer became the first black person to host a national TV show?

R) Mark Finchem, Trump backed candidate for Arizona SOS, claimed what was a “crime against humanity?” 

S) Quick – who won last Sunday’s Super Bowl?

T) Which recent presidents lost the popular vote but were chosen to be president anyway?

If Joe Biden took a stick of gum from the White House it would get more coverage than Trump taking a truck full of top secret documents back to his country club. – Tim Hannan


A) The Ambassador Bridge

B) That he (Trump) was a protected class

C) Willian Henry Harrison

D) The Duke of York, Prince Andrew – he admitted no guilt {wink, wink}

E) The Daily Visitor Logs


G) private school vouchers

H) Gerald Ford

I) a kindergarten

J) Amazon – one in Staten Island and one in Bessemer, Alabama

K) Quakers in Germantown, Pa.

L) people who create a disturbance on an airplane. Really – they claim most disturbances these days are caused by people being forced to mask and that should be OK

M) Sarah Palin

N) 1619 – hence the name for the “1619 Project”

O) Halvorsen was the “candy bomber” who would drop candy from his airplane for the kids of Berlin.

P) Remington

Q) Nat King Cole. He had to end the show about a year later because of a lack of national sponsorship

R) covid vaccines

S) Los Angeles Rams

T) Bush 2 and Trump – trump lost the popular vote bot times he ran.

Tell me again why Sha’carri Richardson who tested positive for THC was banned from the Olympics but Kamila Valieva who tested positive for a stimulant was not??? – Irishrygirl tweet

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