Watch This Week’s Blue Statehouse Alert Live

“There are great things happening at the capital. There are terrible things happening at the capital.”

“A second grade classroom is not doggy daycare.”

“If you are a teacher, if you work with kids please don’t give up. We’re working hard to make things better for you and you are making a difference each and every day. Do not listen to what Republicans at the capital are saying about you and your agenda and your profession. Know that House Democrats and Senate Democrats and hundreds of thousands of Iowans value the work of teachers. Do not let them push you out. We’re doing our best to make it better for you.” –

Jennifer Konfrst, House Minority Leader

Blue Statehouse Alert LIVE FB

House Dems have three ways they want to stay in touch with you. Click on the FB link at the top of the page and find sign-up links in the chat.

1. A weekly e-mail goes out on Monday;
2. Tuesday night Statehouse Live FB event;
3. Friday e-mail summary goes out.

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