How Was Your Caucus Night?

Last night was caucus night in Iowa. Hope you all attended.  Best thing I heard at our caucus was from Tony Currin who is running for Mary Mascher’s soon to be vacated seat in Iowa House District 89.  “It’s all about educating, agitating, motivating. “

I can vote for that.

Currin told the Iowa City Press-Citizen

“I’m running for state office to challenge the damaging anti-worker, anti-education, anti-democracy of Iowa Republicans. And I won’t be quiet about it,” he said.

A fighter.

Currin said he thinks sending an activist to Des Moines, such as himself, will help Democrats retake majorities in the state.

Makes sense to me.

Check out his Facebook page.

Hope you had a great caucus. Let us know how yours went in the comments.

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