Help Democrats Deliver By October 31

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Our reconciliation strategy is still moving — and with just three weeks left for Democrats to pass the recovery package before the new October 31 deadline, we have to fight hard to help Dems stay the course and deliver for the American people.

Remember, this isn’t just a horse-race, blue-team-vs-red-team game: The policies laid out in the reconciliation package will have massive positive impacts for people and families across the country. This fight is about expanding access to affordable health care and child care. It’s about making investments in a strong climate strategy. It’s about creating a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants and migrants. It’s about ensuring paid family and medical leave for every worker nationwide. In short, it’s about people.

That’s why we’ve developed a multi-pronged strategy to have the greatest impact:

  • Have the backs of the progressive bloc as they execute their strategy to demand passage of the reconciliation bill.
  • Hold conservative Dems accountable for attempting to tank the whole deal and settle for insufficient measures.
  • Work with committees in both houses of Congress to ensure our top priorities stay in the final bill and get passed.

The ads, toolkits, resources, events, and everything else we’re doing to put this strategy into action — they all cost us money. We rely on grassroots donors like you to make that work possible: can you donate today to help us win reconciliation this month, pass progressive legislation, and continue all our work?

What progressives are fighting for is real, people-first policy, and they’re using well-crafted strategy to make it happen. Every move our opponents have taken throughout this fight has shown us that we’re right to demand action on reconciliation before we vote yes on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework. That way, we can be sure we pass both policies together instead of allowing conservatives to fail to deliver on the full Build Back Better agenda.

Your support, as always, is what makes all this work happen. Thanks for being with us throughout the whole fight.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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