Call Your Rep. Today To Pass The Women’s Health Protection Act

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This week, in the dead of night, the Supreme Court took a major step towards overturning Roe v. Wade by allowing Texas to deny pregnant people the right to an abortion after six weeks — i.e., before almost anyone knows they’re pregnant. As if that wasn’t dystopian enough, they also allowed Texas to effectively offer bounties for reporting anyone who might have been involved in enabling an abortion (including cab drivers!). Quite literally, they promised every Texan a $10,000 check to personally interfere in strangers’ reproductive choices.

It’s hard to overstate how horrifying this is. Make no mistake — this ruling and Texas’s barbaric new law will kill people. Banning abortion does not stop abortions from happening, it just makes them less safe.

There are three things you can do right now to fight back. 

  1. This morning, Nancy Pelosi announced that the House will soon vote on Congresswoman Judy Chu’s Women’s Health Protection Act, which will enshrine reproductive health rights across the nation. Click here to call your representative and demand they vote to pass the bill without delay. (Real talk: This is the BEST legislative action you can take right now.)
  2. We need to rebalance the court. Donald Trump installed three (THREE!) conservative extremists on the Supreme Court. His appointees are dangerous, and will stop at nothing to destroy what’s left of Roe. Democrats need to step up to protect all of our fundamental rights. The Judiciary Act of 2021 is our best chance to undo this decades-long GOP power grab and restore balance to the Supreme Court. Click here to call your representatives and tell them to cosponsor the court expansion bill without delay. (Real talk: This is a long shot, but will have a massive impact if Democrats find the resolve to do it.)
  3. Outside of legislation, there are groups doing critical on-the-ground work to make sure Texans have access to reproductive healthcare and abortion. Click here to make a donation to Texas abortion funds today. (Real talk: This is the best non-legislative thing you can do to directly support Texans right away.)

Reproductive healthcare advocates have been warning for years that this would happen, and it’s frightening and saddening to know we were right. But there are real avenues to fix this, if we work together. Thank you for being in the fight with us.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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