Republican Pollster Frank Luntz Says He’s No Longer A Republican

Frank Luntz is an important figure in how we got here. He has some kind of weird talent that helped Republicans win for decades.   Now he claims to no longer be a Republican. In that way that Republicans have of sounding like they can make sense for a little while before veering off into crazyland, Frank Luntz  does this in the interview. So take it with a grain of salt if you watch. According to Luntz, Trump didn’t listen to him.  And there are some other interesting snippets such as this one.

“Trump never understood that the moment that Nancy Pelosi became speaker was going to be the worst moment of his life. He thought he’d roll over her in a second. And she embarrassed him again and again and boy did that make him mad. He couldn’t hide that anger. And so he shut down the government in spite.”


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