Democrat Christina Bohannan Announces Candidacy For Congress IA-02

Christina Bohannan, Democrat-Iowa City, announced her candidacy today for U.S. Congress in IA-02, formerly represented by Dave Loebsack now held by Republican Marianette Millelr-Meeks of Ottumwa.  Check out her campaign website.

Let’s elect a cool, qualified, and smart representative in IA-02.


I’m excited to share the news: Today I am launching my campaign for Congress right here in Iowa’s Second District.

Growing up, my family valued hard work above all else. My father was a construction worker who worked long hours in the hot sun for little pay. But when he got sick, his insurance was cancelled, and we were forced to choose between paying for his medicine and paying for everything else.

I’m running for Congress because there is so much at stake — for our kids, our families, and our communities. People like my dad, who work hard and do their part, should be able to make a living without the fear of everything they worked for being ripped out from under them.

In 2020 this district was THE closest race in the nation, and you can bet it will be just as competitive this time around. My dad taught me never to shy away from a challenge, and I’m confident this team has what it takes to win, but we have to start today if we want to flip IA-02. Will you chip in what you can and become a founding donor today?

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As a child living in a trailer in a small town, I never expected to go to college, become a law professor, or be elected as a State Representative. But through hard work and the support of my community, I did. I’m running because I want to ensure our kids have the same fair shot I did — the chance to do things you never thought were possible, through hard work and dedication.

I’m ready to work hard to win this race, but I can’t do it alone. Will you join me and pitch in a founding donation today?
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Christina Bohannan is a mom, law professor, former environmental engineer, and State Representative. She’s running to represent Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District in Congress because she believes everyone deserves a fair shot.  Can we count on you to chip in a few dollars to Christina’s campaign?

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Let’s get to work,

Christina Bohannan
Candidate for Congress



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