Conversations With Deidre DeJear

On Monday, July 12, Deidre DeJear of Des Moines announced a series of “Conversation Tour Events” as she explores a run for Iowa governor in 2022. The following is from DeJear’s campaign website:

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Deidre DeJear has helped over 640 small businesses across Iowa. Her work continues to empower small business owners, and her passion for their success drives her to find new and innovative ways to help them grow.

Deidre built her business nearly 15 years ago to support the growing need for small businesses to access affordable marketing tools and successful business strategies during the brink of the Great Recession. Her early work laid the foundation to help over 120 business owners during the pandemic.

Deidre was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and as a child moved with her family to Oklahoma. At eight years old, Deidre’s mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her younger sister. Overcoming this adversity at such a young age, and seeing her dad be there for her and her siblings, shaped who Deidre is today. Turning her life upside down taught her to value life, value people and relationships, and how to overcome any hurdle thrown her way.

Deidre moved to Iowa to attend Drake University, fell in love with the state and chose Iowa as her home. An early social impact entrepreneur, while still a student, Deidre co-founded the nonprofit Back to School Iowa to support youth to continue in their educational endeavors. It was during her time serving as a competitive coach for the East High girls basketball team, helping to shape the lives of the girls and traveling the state, that Iowans began to welcome Deidre everywhere she went.

A voting rights champion and community leader, in 2018 Deidre ran for Secretary of State in Iowa, winning a competitive primary through extensive outreach by expanding the electorate primary process. Deidre is the Vice President of the League of Women Voters in Des Moines, is a member of Links, Inc. and currently serves on the boards of Count the Kicks, Des Moines Housing Services Board, and the Iowa Interfaith Alliance.

Deidre lives in Des Moines, where she celebrated her 10 year anniversary with her husband Marvin, and lives with her two dogs, Macy and Maurice, and a bird, Honey. In 2015 Deidre and Marvin received a USDA loan to purchase a herd of cattle, which they still manage on a ranch in Oklahoma.

DeJear for Iowa website.

Here’s a link to Lee Enterprises reporter Erin Murphy’s story about DeJear’s announcement.

State Rep. Ras Smith (D-Waterloo) announced his candidacy for Iowa governor on Tuesday, June 15.

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