Sunday Funday: Thanks To The Vaccinated Edition

Never thought I would live in a country where not getting a vaccination against a deadly disease is seen by a large number of citizens as a surrender of their freedom. I guess by that logic, getting sick and dying is seen as patriotic. Seems thoroughly ass backwards to me. Seems the patriotic thing would be to get vaccinated and save your life and possibly the lives of others you come in contact with.

Besides that it would seem patriotic NOT to give the enemy – the corona virus in this case – the material to grow and mutate into a stronger virus. That would be what the unvaccinated are doing. In this war with the virus, we have million who seem to think that surrendering to the enemy and giving it a place to grow and mutate is somehow smart. That is some really screwed up logic.

If you are unvaccinated it is time to to join the True Patriots! Get vaccinated and quit helping the virus in this war. It is free and only hurts for a moment. And then you can join the truly free. Be a patriot – get vaccinated!

A) The Independence Day week brought some fireworks. Who sued Facebook claiming that Facebook’s blocking the suer constituted violation of their freedom of speech?

B) What hurricane/tropical storm raced through The Atlantic, through Florida and up the east coast last week?

C) “Twice impeached, Florida Retiree” was Nancy Pelosi’s description of who?

D) Wally Funk at age 82 is about to experience something she trained for nearly 60 years ago thanks to Jeff Bezos. What is Wally Funk about to do?

E)  In order to make the recovery effort in Surfside, Florida safer what was done to the condominium Monday?

F) Last Saturday night one child was killed and 4 others injured when a raft on what ride at Adventureland Park overturned?

G) Covid cases are rising. Almost all of the new cases and deaths have what in common?

H) The rise in covid cases are worst in what state that borders Iowa?

I) San Jose California city council two weeks ago passed ordinances that will require what group of people to carry liability insurance and pay an annual fee to defray cost created by them?

J) A secret video was released showing Republican congressional leaders praising what two Democrats?

K) According to Chinese officials, what iconic animal can be removed from the endangered species list?

L) In a court case concerning the Sandy Hook victims, the defendant Remington Company produced thousands of what instead of documents during the discovery process?

M) For the first time the National Spelling Bee winner is what?

N) The Vatican announced that the Pope was taken to the hospital last Sunday to undergo what surgery?

O) West Virginia Governor Jim Justice on ABC’s “This Week” said the unvaccinated were participating in a what?

P) What upcoming major sporting event will now take place under “A State of Emergency” which will include barring spectators?

Q) President Biden has personally warned Russian Premier Vladimir Putin about Russia’s roll in what cyber attacks?

R) What international leader was assassinated in a bold attack on his private residence during the early morning Wednesday?

S) What national TV Newser on Fox called for cameras inside every classroom to guarantee that teachers did not teach “critical race theory”?

T) Reports of a possible drop in efficacy in the face of the Delta variation of the corona virus what company has begun work on a booster shot?

How can a member of Congress be more concerned with regulating my vagina than in investigating an insurrection against the United States? – Gabby tweet

tip of the hat to Mike Luckovich


A) The former guy (Trump)

B) Elsa

C) The former guy (Trump) 

D) fly into space. Wally Funk is a woman who was trained for the Mercury women’s astronaut program only to have it dropped by NASA in the early 60s.

E) The remaining stand portion was demolished.

F) The Raging River

G) The victims are unvaccinated

H) Missouri

I) Gun owners

J) Senators Manchin and Sinema

K) The Giant Panda – they will be moved up to “vulnerable” status.

L) Cartoons

M) African American. 14 year old Zaila Avant-garde from Louisiana. She also already holds some basketball records.

N) Colon surgery

O) Death lottery

P) the Tokyo Olympics. The virus is surging in Japan

Q) Ransomware attacks

R) Jovenal Moise of Haiti

S) Tucker Carlson

T) Pfizer

Trump Sues Eighty-one Million Voters for Banning Him from White House. – Andy Borowitz

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