Virtual Event: Amy Klobuchar And Art Cullen Discuss The Problem Of Monopolies

THURSDAY, May 6, at 7:00pm

Please join us for a special Prairie Lights Virtual event on Zoom for Amy Klobuchar in conversation with Art Cullen

To join this virtual event go to the Facebook event page and register.

Klobuchar and Cullen will talk about the newly published ANTITRUST: Taking on Monopoly Power from the Gilded Age to the Digital Age, by Amy Klobuchar.

“The effects of monopoly power can be felt everywhere raising all sorts of questions for the American economy. Why do farmers pay so much for seeds and fertilizer? Why is health care so expensive? And why are so few incentives in place for big tech companies to protect your private information? If you haven’t wondered about any of this, you need to. And if you have, you should also start thinking long and hard about the state of the nation’s antitrust laws.”  –from Antitrust

Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Antitrust is a searing look at the history of American monopolies, from Standard Oil and Bell to today’s tech giants and Big Pharma, their effects on innovation, entrepreneurship, and consumer pricing, and the fights to regulate and reign them in. She suggests legislative proposals that would strengthen our current antitrust laws and help pave the way for their enforcement.

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Art Cullen is the editor and co-owner of The Storm Lake Times, Buena Vista County’s Hometown Newspaper. He is the author of Storm Lake: Change, Resilience, and Hope in America’s Heartland. He was awarded a 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing for his editorials taking on corporate agribusiness for fouling the state’s water and despoiling its soil. His commentaries on politics, immigration and the environment have been published by The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian, along with regional newspapers and news sites. Cullen has been profiled by National Public Radio, Katie Couric, and CNN, and has served as a guest political analyst on MSNBC. He understands how necessary Antitrust legislation is to the regenerative agriculture that is his vision and his passion.

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