Fifteen Million Union Jobs To Combat Climate Change

The THRIVE Act we’ve been building support for is officially being introduced as a bill today. Now, together with folks from across the country, we want to get 100,000 calls into Congress by May 1st!

Take two minutes to call your Congressional reps right now by clicking here.

The THRIVE Act would authorize investments of $1 trillion per year over the next decade to put 15 million people to work in family-sustaining, union jobs to drastically cut climate pollution by 2030. It would:

  • create a Board of representatives from impacted communities, unions, and Indigenous Nations to guide the $1 trillion per year in new investments.
  • move at least 50% of investments directly to benefit front line communities that have borne the brunt of systemic racism, environmental injustice, and economic exclusion.
  • invest in clean energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable agriculture that would help clean our water in Iowa 
  • expand public health infrastructure such as hospitals, mental healthcare, home care workers, childcare, and eldercare 

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to pass a transformational economic recovery package and begin the decade of the Green New Deal.

Sign up here to call your reps by May 1st. (this Saturday!)

Let’s make it happen.

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