Sunday Funday: A New Spring Edition

Side note: It looks like newly anointed 2nd district Iowa Congress Member Mariannette Miller-Meeks is more than ready to join her republican colleagues in the distraction game. Her work for our district will be minimal. Her work in dividing the country will be her focus.

Do you remember what it was like a year ago this week? Specifically I do not. Generally about all I can remember is spending most days worrying about someone or something related to the corona virus. Would I bring it back into the house and infect my disabled wife? What about our kids, nieces, nephews and friends? 

Our national leaders were doing all they could to make things worse. Iowa’s leadership seemed to only care about how much meat was processed, and cared not at all what the cost was in human life. Around April 24th our insane president suggested that people drink bleach to combat their corona virus.

So there we were a year ago, with the country in desperate straits and mostly idiots in leadership roles. I would love to think Americans learned something from what happened, but the election indicated only some learned the major lesson of the pandemic. Leadership roles are not places for idiots. Biden is such  great change!

The lesson learned by Republicans was that despite how much they were already cheating, it wasn’t nearly enough.

  1. The vote on unionizing the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama is in. Did the union win or lose?
  1. April 9, 1865. Appomattox Court House, Virginia. What major historical event took place?
  1. Florida representative Matt Gaetz is suddenly a household name. What did Gaetz do to become so suddenly well known?
  1. Continuing her record of slowing any progress on recovery from the corona virus, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds came out against what post virus aid to tell who has been vaccinated?
  1. Continuing a truly activist presidency, President Biden issued an executive order concerning what major wedge issue Wednesday?
  1. It is as if cable news was made for things like this. In Minneapolis, the murder trial of what former police officer gets nearly wall to wall coverage?
  1. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told what group to ‘stay out of politics, but keep sending us your money’ last week?
  1. The once vaunted NRA is in court in Texas after filing for what?
  1. Jennifer Weisselberg, former daughter-in-law of what major Trump insider, was seen unloading boxes of documents and a laptop at the Manhattan DA’s office last week?
  1. Another odd fallout of the pandemic is the lack of what condiment packets at restaurants?
  1. April 12, 1945. The eyes of America look to Warm Springs, Georgia as news that who had died races across the country?
  1. The Major League All-Star game was moved to what venue in response to Georgia’s voter suppression laws?
  1. A couple of great NCAA basketball finals. What team held on to win the women’s title in San Antonio?
  1. In Indianapolis, what team was denied the chance as an unbeaten champion as they were beaten soundly by Baylor?
  1. What political group was responsible for 3% of all credit card complaints in 2020 when they continued o charge donors far beyond what the donors thought they had donated?
  1. Fashion critics tongues were all ablaze last week as First Lady Jill Biden was spotted wearing what?
  1. The Ingenuity helicopter is scheduled to take its first flight today or early tomorrow. Where will Ingenuity be be flying?
  1. President announced that coronavirus vaccines will be available for all Americans over 16 on what date?
  1. What Democratic senator threw a bit o a wrench into Biden’s infrastructure plan when the senator said he would oppose a 28% corporate tax?
  1. Speaking of the infrastructure plan, the Senate Parliamentarian gave approval for Democrats to use what instructions to move the bill through the Senate?

Since Reagan starting in 1982, the three wealthiest families (Waltons, Mars Candy, and Koch brothers) have seen their net worth grow by 6,000%. The median while household income of Americans has  decreased by 3%. – Howard Dean

thank-a-democrat AHNC


  1. The Union lost.
  1. Lee surrendered to Grant ending the Civil War
  1. Allegations that Gaetz has been having sex with underage girls
  1. Vaccination passports
  1. Guns
  1. Derek Chauvin
  1. Corporations
  1. Bankruptcy
  1. Alan Weisselberg, Trump’s Chief Financial Officer
  1. Ketchup
  1. FDR
  1. Coors Field in Denver
  1. Stanford
  1. Gonzaga
  1. The Trump campaign
  1. Fishnet stockings – she is 69 years old!
  1. On Mars – scheduled for 3:30AM EDT Monday
  1. April 19th
  1. Joe Manchin of West Virginia
  1. Reconciliation

3 months ago today, Trump tried to overthrow our government.

Today, he’ll play golf as a free man.

We need to fix this bullsh*t. – Woman In The Moon tweet

healthcare could be like this AHNC

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