Hart: All Votes In IA-02 Election Must Be Counted

Rita Hart Urges House Committee to Apply Iowa Law so All Legal Votes Are Counted in IA-02 Race

Miller-Meeks continues push to disenfranchise at least 22 Iowa voters, Refuses to engage in legal process

WHEATLAND, IOWA — Today, [Monday] in the latest briefing filed with the House Committee on Administration, Rita Hart again made her case that all votes in IA-02 election must be counted, noting that the Committee’s approach to this contested election case is consistent with its authority under Article I, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution and House contest precedent.

Hart filed a Notice of Contest with the U.S. House of Representatives after an initial state recount process left thousands of ballots in question, and specifically disenfranchised at least 22 voters in Iowa’s Second Congressional District. Federal law provides that this contest is the proper avenue for Congress to fulfill its constitutional duty and the Committee overseeing the contest decided to move forward with a review of the IA-02 contest on its merits. In fact, Republicans — including Kevin McCarthy — have in the past supported this ordinary, legal process. However, as these Iowans wait for their votes to be counted, Miller-Meeks continues to make substantively flawed arguments that will leave Iowan voters silenced.

“Contestee Miller-Meeks’s adamant opposition to Contestant Hart’s efforts to count these lawful ballots is alarming, but not surprising,” wrote Hart’s attorney Marc Elias, in the briefing. “Her obstruction is consistent with her party’s outright hostility to fundamental democratic norms, from the baseless attempts of its standard-bearer and his allies to throw out hundreds of thousands of lawful votes and overturn the will of the people last November, to its refusal to uniformly condemn the assault on our democracy that unfolded on January 6, to its unanimous opposition to the For the People Act and other legislative efforts to safeguard the vote, to its open hostility to this attempt to prevent the disenfranchisement of 22 Iowans. The position of Contestee Miller-Meeks and the Republican Party is now clear: the right to vote is worthy of neither respect nor protection.”

**To read the full response click here. To read the full Notice of Contest and other documents filed with the Clerk of the House in this contest click here.

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