Coming to a Frontline Worker Near You:

Caps on the Value of Their Lives

“These are the frontline workers who keep America moving – who keep Iowa productive.” New Accountable Iowa Video. 

Imagine for a moment this terrible nightmare: A police officer is directing traffic at the scene of a minor fender bender. A distracted driver is checking Twitter on his phone and hits the officer, who is thrown nearly 40 feet from the impact. The police officer – husband and father of two young children with his life and a promising career ahead of him – dies instantly.

After the funeral and all the heartache that follows, the family finally has their day in court. A citizen jury reviews the facts in the case, carefully assesses the monumental loss to the family, and votes unanimously to award appropriate damages.

“Sorry,” says the judge in the case, “our state legislature has capped the value of your husband’s and your father’s life in cases like this.”

The family and the jurors are devastated and furious. The distracted driver’s insurance company, on the other hand, is elated.

As we conclude in the latest video from Accountable Iowa:

“Leave those decisions to Iowa juries, not politicians. Ask your legislator to vote no.”

Join the fight to protect the value of your life, the lives of our frontline workers, and all Iowans from overreach by politicians and their corporate backers. Repost this video on social media and then tell your legislators that you oppose any effort to force a one-size-fits-all, government mandated price on life.

Accountable Iowa

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