Letter: Miller-Meeks Motion To Dismiss Is Self Serving

Letter to the editor in the Clinton Herald

Mariannette Miller-Meeks filed a motion to dismiss Rita Hart’s election contest despite the fact that there are 22 legal ballots currently excluded from the election results.

Hart’s Notice of Contest details 22 ballots that were unfairly excluded from the IA-02 election and proves that including these ballots would change the outcome of this election.

Dismissing the contest would mean knowingly disenfranchising these 22 voters.

Miller-Meeks’s motion to dismiss not only minimizes the importance of counting every vote, it provides no legal grounds to dispute Hart’s claim to victory. The motion to dismiss never disputes the legitimacy of the 22 excluded ballots, suggesting that Miller-Meeks and her lawyers see no legal reason for their exclusion. An election contest is taken up if there is evidence that would change the results of the election and result in the contestant’s claim to the seat.

Hart’s contest provides evidence of legal ballots currently excluded from the election that, if included in the election results, would deem her the winner. With no legal support, Miller-Meeks’s motion to dismiss is just a self-serving attempt to silence Iowans and keep her provisional seat in Congress.

We deserve better than this. None of us deserve to be wrongfully disenfranchised. Hart is not asking for a baseless recount, she is asking for the assurance that every Iowan’s voice is heard.

Allison Ritchie, Muscatine

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