All Iowa House Republicans Voted Against Covid Relief

Action alert from Senator Rob Hogg:

Iowans Need the Covid Relief Bill!

[BFIA Editor’s note:  All Republican representatives from Iowa Ashley Hinson, Randy Feenstra and Marianette Miller-Meeks voted AGAINST Covid relief. Democrat Cindy Axne voted FOR the relief bill.]

Call Senator Grassley (202-224-3744)
and Senator Ernst (202-224-3254) today!

Dear Iowans:

On Saturday, the U.S. House passed the American Rescue Plan/Covid Relief Bill that will fund vaccines, provide $1,400 payments to Iowans making less than $75,000 a year, and increase the child tax credit. (Thank you, Representative Cindy Axne!)

Now Iowans need the U.S. Senate to pass that bill to help stop the coronavirus and to help Iowans who have been suffering its economic consequences.

We need every vote possible to pass this bill as quickly as possible.

Today, I am calling Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst to tell them Iowans need this bill and to ask for their support. Phone numbers below. I hope you will call, too.

I know some of you will think, “Well, they don’t listen so I’m not going to call.” I share your disappointment with many of their past votes, but please call to give them the chance to support this bill. If you don’t call to make your voice heard, who else will?

Be polite, tell the person who answers your name and that you are an Iowan, give them your address, and tell them that Iowans need this bill and you want the Senators to vote for it. Boom. Done in ten minutes or less.

Then invite your Iowa friends to call, too. Forward this email. Post on social media. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Here are the phone numbers to call – please call until you get through:

Senator Grassley
DC: (202) 224-3744
Council Bluffs: (712) 322-7103
Sioux City: (712) 233-1860
Waterloo: (319) 232-6657
Cedar Rapids: (319) 363-6832
Davenport: (563) 322-4331
Des Moines: (515) 288-1145

Senator Ernst
DC: (202) 224-3254
Council Bluffs: (712)352-1167
Sioux City: (712) 252-1550
Cedar Rapids: (319) 365-4504
Davenport: (563) 322-0677
Des Moines: (515) 284-4574

Key Provisions of the Bill

Here are the key provisions of the bill that you can highlight if you want when you call:

> Funding for vaccine production and distribution.
> $1,400 payments to Iowans making less than $75,000 a year, $150,000 for couples.
> Increase the child tax credit which experts say will cut child poverty in half.
> Public health assistance to help schools open safely.
> Paid leave for workers who get coronavirus to help stop the spread.
> Extended unemployment benefits.
> Aid to local governments so they aren’t forced to reduce police or other essential services.

Don’t let the opponents mislead you about this bill. They are wrong when they say it isn’t about coronavirus relief or dealing with its economic consequences. This bill is about helping stop the virus and helping Americans who have suffered economically from the virus.

Here is a link to a good thread on Twitter about what’s in the bill from U.S. Rep. Sean Casten of Downers Grove, Illinois:

If you want to let me know when you have made the call, or if you have other thoughts or suggestions, just reply to


Senator Rob Hogg
Cedar Rapids
Telephone: (319) 247-0223
Twitter: @SenatorRobHogg
Rob Hogg is a State Senator from Cedar Rapids. Contact Rob at

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