Sunday Funday: A Real President For America Edition

So why didn’t Paul Simon write:

“How strange it is to be 70 – staying away from everyone because of coronavirus?”


He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere! Biden is 78? Wow! Seems more like about 30. But the real story is that he is making decisions based on what is good for the country. What a novel idea. It could catch on!

Speaking of decisions for the good of the people, am I the only one who thinks if you gave Kim Reynolds exact directions to the store in the next block and sent her on her way that you would get a call from her from the other side of town blaming YOU for her getting lost. 

After she made the announcement that beginning February 1st tier 1B would be greatly expanded. Like many others I actually thought this might mean I could get a vaccination. After many calls, I found someone in a county health position who told me that “I wish she hadn’t done that. There isn’t any more vaccines, so it won’t be any sooner.” 

A typical Reynolds move – make a statement with nothing to back it up; and so we are screwed once again. She could at least do something to slow the pandemic like mandate masks.

Meanwhile Biden is doing a great job of beginning to dig out of the huge mess the last guy left. Wish Iowa could have the brains to elect a democrat.

  1. Iowa’s Democratic Party has a new leader. Who is it?
  1. World wide, coronavirus cases passed what milestone number last week?
  1. What congress member was the first to file impeachment charges against President Biden on his sixth day in office?
  1. In what was described as a preliminary test vote on the impeachment trial, what was the vote split on whether the impeachment was constitutional in the US Senate last week?
  1. Notorious member of congress, Matt Gaetz went off to do some politicking away from home last week against what fellow Republican member of congress?
  1. Democrats last week introduced a bill to bring statehood to what current American district?
  1. Merriam-Webster has added what new, somewhat political phrase to its dictionary that describes Doug Emhoff?
  1. One of the strangest stories of the week concerned the stock value of what small game rental company?
  1. What major auto manufacturer said they would make zero emission cars only by 2035 this week?
  1. January 25th, 1961 we have a new era in presidential communications as who gives the first live presidential news conference?
  1. Just before ‘Black History Month’ what perhaps the most honored black actress of all time died Thursday?
  1. Maybe she can do the job if she doesn’t have to answer questions. What former Trump Administration mainstay announced her plans to run for Governor of Arkansas?
  1. What US currency has been scheduled for an upgrade?
  1. What actress born in Des Moines and probably most famous for role in the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Rhoda” died this week at age 94?
  1. “Proud Boy” leader Enrique Tarrio has been outed as a major what this week?
  1. Arizona’s Republican Party did a little house cleaning last weekend issuing censures to what 3 major Arizona Republicans last week?
  1. President Biden secured enough vaccine for the US last week to vaccinate how many people?
  1. First Lady Jill Biden will be taking a hands on approach as she works on what issue for her husband?
  1. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell dropped his demands to keep what anachronistic senate privilege so the senate could get on with business?
  1. What former Trump spokesliar was accused by her 16 year old daughter of posting topless photos of that daughter on Twitter?

BONUS: Who swore in the first female Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen last week?

Republicans Say It Is Unconstitutional to Hold Officials Accountable Unless They Are Hillary. – Andy Borowitz


  1. Ross Wilburn
  1. 100 million. The US is at least 25% of that
  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene the QAnon believer from Georgia
  1. 55 to 45. The 45 against was all Republicans and is enough to block conviction.
  1. Gaetz went to Wyoming to campaign against Liz Cheney to try to unseat her for her vote to impeach Trump a couple weeks ago.
  1. Washington, DC
  1. ‘Second Gentleman’
  1. Game Stop
  1. GM
  1. JFK
  1. Cicely Tyson
  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  1. The $20 bill
  1. Cloris Leachman
  1. Police informer – oopsie!
  1. Former Senator Jeff Flake, the late Senator John McCain’s widow, Cindy and current Gov. Doug Ducey (no idea what he did).
  1. 300 million
  1. Reuniting migrant families separated at the border
  1. Filibuster
  1. Kelly Anne Conway

BONUS: The first female VP, Kamala Harris swore in the first female Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen

So Sarah Palin was just a test run for Marjorie Taylor Greene. – Jeremy Newberger

Meet your new $20 bill:

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