More Reasons To Help Win The Georgia Senate Runoff

“Randi Rhodes Number-one ranked progressive radio talk show host, political commentator, entertainer, and writer. The Randi Rhodes Show was broadcast nationally on Air America Radio, and Premiere Radio Networks from 2004–2014. Rhodes represents aggressively independent media.

The Miami Herald described her as “a chain-smoking bottle blonde, part Joan Rivers, part shock jock Howard Stern, and part Saturday Night Live’s ‘Coffee Talk’ Lady. But mostly, she’s her rude, crude, loud, brazen, gleeful self.”

Rhodes and her show won numerous awards for journalism and broadcasting, including Radio Ink’s Most Influential Woman, Radio Ink’s Most Influential Women’s list (multiple years), TALKERS magazine’s Woman of the Year, and the Judy Jarvis Memorial Award for Contributions to the Talk Industry by a Woman.”



1. Volunteer (canvass/phone/text) for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock
Volunteer for Jon Ossoff:

Volunteer for Raphael Warnock:

Phone bank for both Ossoff & Warnock:…/phone-bank-for-georgia-r…/all/

2. Donate to the following groups working to register voters in Georgia. Let’s make sure these community groups have the resources they need to do everything possible to get out the vote:

Fair Fight:
Black Voters Matter:
Spread The Vote Georgia:
New Georgia Project:

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