Iowa Legislature And Governor In For The NRA

A message from the Chair and Executive Director of Iowans for Gun Safety

We know that we will have a legislature and a governor that are in the corner of the NRA for the next two years. You should know that the Legislature is poised to present Iowa voters with an important question on the November 2022 ballot: should Iowa join the likes of Alabama, Louisiana and Missouri in passing a “strict scrutiny” amendment to Iowa’s constitution that will make it even harder to pass reasonable measures to protect the public and our communities from the dangerous use of guns?

It is also likely that the legislature and the governor will continue to advocate for more guns in more places. While just a few years ago we would have been shocked to see protestors at our Capitol in Des Moines openly carrying firearms with the incontrovertible intent to threaten others, we now have to ask not if but when this will happen in Des Moines – unless we join together and make our view clear that this scene is simply not acceptable in Iowa.

This is, yes, a request to support us with your donation. But given the challenges that lie ahead, we are also looking for individuals to help us in a variety of ways and on terms each individual chooses. If you are interested in bringing your talents and skills – research, communications, technical support – to Iowans for Gun Safety, please contact us.

Our goal is to be a bigger and better voice in Des Moines, particularly in a time when gun rights advocates seem unwilling to address the real public health and safety issues that guns present. Please help us by donating online or send a check to: Iowans for Gun Safety, P.O. Box 8834, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

Finally, to those who have contributed in the past, thank you for your support and for your confidence in us to continue the work to make Iowa a better and safer place to live.

Scott Peterson
Iowans for Gun Safety

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