The Most Important Thing To Do Right Now

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful that we have managed to save the Democracy from certain death but we are not out of the woods yet. We need to win two Georgia senate seats for there to be any progress. Indivisible has led the way in the Trump resistance and has a plan going forward. Please check it out and help if you possibly can.

Update/action alert from Indivisible. If you haven’t joined Indivisible yet click here to join Indivisible Iowa.

With just 41 days until the Georgia runoff elections, we’ve been hard at work building out our plans. These two seats will determine control of the Senate, so we’re committing a ton of time and resources to winning and entering 2021 in a strong position. We’ve already gotten started on some of our work, but today we’re ready to reveal our full plans for the next six weeks — read on to find out more, or if you’ve already got an idea what we’re doing and are ready to make it happen, click here to support all our work with a donation.

What are the stakes?

If Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff win their races, Democrats will have control of the Senate for at least the next two years. That means the difference between a Democratic trifecta and a divided government — the difference between a real shot at all our progressive priorities and Mitch McConnell doing everything in his power to block the change we need.

We’ve got big plans for 2021, from major democracy reform initiatives to work on climate, racial justice, immigration, economic justice, health care, and more. We’re going to be fighting for all these things regardless, but we know we can get a lot more done a lot more quickly if we have the Senate working for us instead of for Mitch McConnell’s elite white buddies.

What’s the plan?

We’ve developed our plans in consultation with folks on the ground in Georgia — which means we’re putting our resources where we can be most effective without duplicating work or speaking over people who’ve been putting in the work for years. Our Georgia runoff plans fall into three major buckets:

☎️ Direct Voter Contact. After our massive peer-to-peer texting and phonebanking programs this election season, we’re leveraging everything we learned to reach out to voters in Georgia and get out the vote in the next six weeks. Making sure voters are requesting ballots and voting as early as possible is key to winning these elections — so that’s one of our biggest priorities.

🗳 Latinx Outreach. We’re working closely with partners to coordinate a plan to activate Latinx voters. Our work will include organizing, Spanish and bilingual radio and digital ads, appearances in Spanish-language media outlets, and direct support to partner groups.

📬 Rural Outreach. Indivisible has one of the strongest rural organizing programs in the country — and we’re ready to help fill any gaps in rural outreach across the state. With print, radio, and digital ads, media appearances in rural progressive outlets, and support to partners working specifically with Black rural voters, we’re ready to get out the rural vote.

What are the costs?

All told, we’re expecting to spend $800,000 on these programs and all the work we have to do to make them happen.

Here are just some of the major expenses included in that figure:

📲 At least $90,000 for our direct voter contact programs. That funds things like our textbanking tool, data access, and paying moderators to train and guide texters.

📻 $430,000 budgeted for ads across radio, print, and digital channels. These will include Spanish-language and bilingual ads, ads in rural communities, and tailored messaging to get out the vote for Warnock and Ossoff.

🎁 $105,000 for direct contributions to support the work our partners are doing. Whether they’re working directly with Black rural voters, running door-knocking efforts in Latinx communities, or running their own phonebanking campaign, we’re supporting the work it’ll take to win.

⏱ Plus all the staff time, digital tools, and other resources we’ll use to make this work happen!

Our work is powered by grassroots donors like you, and we need your help to deliver wins in Georgia and make a progressive 2021 possible.

We really believe these two races are winnable — but it’s going to take a lot of work, a lot of spirit, and a lot of engagement from Indivisibles everywhere to get us there, and a lot of money to support it all. Over the last year (and since this whole thing began!), we’ve proved we’re ready for that, and we’re grateful to have you here as part of it.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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