No, Kim! We Do Not Condone Your Miserable Corona Leadership

you are doing a lousy job

In what has to be one of the most twisted Republican thought processes I have ever seen Iowa’s pathetic Governor has decided that since Iowans voted for Republicans in this election, therefore Iowans must approve of her terrible mismanagement of the corona virus pandemic in Iowa because she is a Republican.

Sounds like she must have gotten a degree in logic from Trump University.

Iowans do not want to fear death when they do simple everyday actions such as buying gasoline or go to a store to get food for dinner or sending their children to school. Reynolds seems incapable of understanding that. Her decisions from the beginning of the pandemic have served only to spread the virus far and wide.

We want a leader whose first concern is the health of the citizens, not whether we can squeeze another nickel of profits out. Leaders are elected to make tough decisions for the good of the whole of the citizenry. Reynolds has only cared about decisions that make business happy.

Because of Reynolds lousy decisions Iowa’s corona virus cases meet and exceed those of states two and three times larger than Iowa. Hard to get re-elected when you kill your base. Like many Republican office holders, Reynolds believes that some miracle vaccine will pop up some day and solve the problem. If that happens it will be a long way off. Until then Iowans will suffer and suffer mightily because of Reynolds lack of leadership and lousy decisions.

State Senator Rob Hogg sent an email Friday asking for our help in pushing Reynolds to do what is right for the majority of Iowans:

We need an Iowa plan to control coronavirus!

Here are the two-week new cases and deaths by county, plus a proposed Iowa plan

Dear Friends:

We are in the middle of a public health emergency that is getting worse. This email is to ask for your help convincing our political leaders and Iowans that we need to do more to slow down and control the spread of coronavirus.

Over the last two weeks (October 22 to November 5), the state has reported 207 deaths from coronavirus and nearly 30,000 new cases (29,635) that, unfortunately, are putting record numbers of Iowans in the hospital (912 as I write this, up from 530 two weeks ago) and will kill even more in the near future.

That’s in just two weeks. Coronavirus has never been more deadly since the public health emergency began in March.

As the bottom of this email, I provide the county-by-county cases and deaths below over the last two weeks and total so you can see how your county is doing.

This is a call to action. Please:
(1) Call Governor Reynolds’ office at 515-281-5211 to urge her to do more to slow down and control the spread of this deadly infectious disease, or contact her at this link:
(2) Contact your state legislators and newly elected legislators – regardless of party – and local elected officials to urge them to do more.
(3) Educate other community leaders and the public in your community about the rising numbers.
(4) Read (and share) the plan prepared by University of Iowa epidemiologist (Eli Perenchevich) that he shared on Twitter on November 5 (see below).
Let’s speak up and help stop this virus, save lives, support our health care workers, and end the epidemic so we can get more Iowans safely back to work.


Coronavirus Plan by University of Iowa epidemiologist Eli Perenchevich

Here is what Dr. Perenchevich said on Twitter on November 5:

Hospitals are full. Don’t look at ‘beds’ available on websites. Hospitals are already running at >100% capacity. Healthcare workers are burning out. If all we needed were beds, we could just put people in hotels.

People are not wearing masks and are doing things they shouldn’t. Don’t go to bars to watch the Hawkeyes. Don’t take grandpa to eat indoors at restaurants. Eating/drinking indoors increases risk 3-4 times! If you go to bars/restaurants you are collapsing hospitals.

The virus is spreading in schools. This is because community rates are too high and there are too many kids/teachers getting infected in the community. We will need to close schools in Iowa and reduce transmission before we can safely reopen them.

We can’t have bars AND schools open at this time. We need to close bars and schools and then we can open schools in 3-4 weeks. Once we get rates lower, we can then open bars/restaurants. We need a mask mandate now that the election is over, full stop.

1) Close bars, restaurants for indoor dining; use surplus (CARES?) funds to support those businesses for 3 months
2) Mask mandate with enforcement – people are dying, hospitals are collapsing
3) Ban indoor gatherings >5 people

Here’s the link to this plan that you can read and share with others:

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  1. A.D. says:

    Not only have we in Iowa outstripped much bigger states, but we’ve now racked up more covid cases and deaths than the entire country of Japan, which has, and I did the arithmetic, forty times as many people. Impressive!

    Per the request above, I will contact the governor again, though it feels like throwing a small rock at a thick stone wall, emphasis on “thick.” I suspect Reynolds is secretly convinced that we’ll all be vaccinated and safe and happy by New Year’s Day, and then she can ride a purple chariot in a triumphal march headed by a giant banner that reads “SEE I DID THE RIGHT THING” and then a slightly-smaller banner that reads “DEMOCRATS ARE SUCH CRYBABY LOSERS.”


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