How We Can Deny Trump A Second Term And Save Democracy

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Action alert from Indivisible:

Last night’s presidential debate was a showcase of how little Trump respects the rules and how far he’ll go to cover up his failures. Amidst his lies, deflections, and often terrifying assertions, we all just saw how much is on the line. Trump, once again, failed to condemn white supremacists and called on Proud Boys (a far-right neo-fascist male-only organization) to “stand by” on election night. He went on to peddle conspiracy theories about the validity of the results, making it clear that he won’t commit to a peaceful transition of power, and is counting on the Supreme Court to help him do it. Oh, and he wants you to know he “brought back football” (in the middle of a pandemic) and that “China ate your lunch” (we don’t know what this means), apparently.

Joe Biden waded through the chaos and got right down to the issues we care about: ensuring uninterrupted access to health care, listening to the advice of experts to diminish the effects of the pandemic, and protecting the most vulnerable people in our economy. Voters are paying attention, which is why we’re mobilizing all week around Biden and progressives who need our support right now.

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Our democracy is on the ballot — we need elected officials who are accountable to the people. Here’s how to do your part this week to capture this post-debate energy:

We’re so grateful you’re part of this movement. Indivisibles are showing up stronger than ever in these final 34 days. Now let’s go win this.

In solidarity,
Indivisible team

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