Iowa Postal Worker “We Have The Capacity To Handle The Election Mail”

Watch the president of the Iowa Postal Workers Union discuss election mail issues on Lawrence O’Donnell.  Don’t panic but it’s a really good idea to get your ballot request in and your ballot returned early. Leave nothing to chance because the election-stealing GOP is leaving nothing to chance.

For more information about what is going on as the corrupt GOP try everything in their  bag of tricks to cheat and suppress the vote because that is the only way they can win, see this NPR interview with Kimberly Karol.

Kimberly Karol is the president of the Iowa Postal Workers Union and a postal clerk herself in Waterloo, Iowa.

KING (NPR): Are you feeling these changes that are being made in Iowa?

KAROL: Yes, we are beginning to see those changes and how it is impacting the mail. Mail is beginning to pile up in our offices, and we’re seeing equipment being removed. So we are beginning to see the impact of those changes.

KING: Curious – I hadn’t heard about this one – equipment being removed. What equipment?

KAROL: The sorting equipment that we use to process mail for delivery. In Iowa, we are losing machines. And they already in Waterloo were losing one of those machines. So that also hinders our ability to process mail in the way that we had in the past.

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2 Responses to Iowa Postal Worker “We Have The Capacity To Handle The Election Mail”

  1. Joan Frances Saumur says:

    Thank you! Your speaking out may have significantly helped to preserve the essential process to keep us a democracy. Thank you is my only way to convey how appreciative I am from this Californian.


  2. Rose says:

    Kudos Kimberly and thanks to your courage to let the country know
    what is going on in your office it has sparked an awareness all across the nation. We may have a sliver of a chance at having an election. Unfortunately alot of damage has been done and although this PMG has said he was putting a temp halt, we now know that is not a true statement. A brand new sorter machine in Colo. just assembled after pains taking assembly the office was told to destroy and dismantle right after.Not certain how we can stop this destruction but, now know who the perpetrators are. Keep up the great work. 30 yr NALC Phoenix AZ


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