Iowa Approach To Covid-19 Ignores What Works

Dr Louis Katz the “Fauci of Iowa,” epidemiologist in Scott County says Iowa is getting it all wrong.

“To those of you who shout that effective measures used all over the rest of the world infringe on your constitutional rights, I can only recommend you read the Constitution (note I did not say “reread”). You have no right to endanger others — period. You do not know if you are infected or who you are going to infect and possibly kill. If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t, but stay away from the rest of us.”

“Iowa is a red zone per the White House coronavirus task force. From four cases per day in Scott County during early June, we have surged as high as 76 in mid-July and average 20-30 daily now. Each reported case represents 5-10 uncounted infections.

“Now we know COVID can be transmitted from patients with no symptoms — so it cannot be controlled “just” by asking sick folks to stay home. Worse, children, adolescents and young adults… are less likely to avoid public spaces where they transmit the virus. They have driven our local July surge, and their infections are now spilling into older adults.

“Premature state reopenings demanded by the administration and its enablers ignore global experience. Early on, China, the European Union and others showed us the route to success while waiting for vaccines, combined enforced social distancing and masking that bought time to expand test and tracing capacity, permitted staged reopening, including schools, with maintenance of acceptable case rates, health system capacity and mortality. The U.S. and Iowa disregarded their experience.

“Can we turn it around?”

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