Chris Brase Runs For Senate Again In SD46

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Iowa is capable of so much more and that’s why I’ve decided to run again for Iowa State Senate. We can be leaders in education, rebuild and improve our infrastructure including rural broadband and provide access to healthcare of Iowa. For this to happen it is essential to put partisanship to the side and listen to the needs of Iowans.”

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Chris Brase is the former senator from Senate District 46. He is running again to return that seat into the Democratic column in the next legislature. SD46 includes eastern Muscatine County including the city of Muscatine and western Scott County.

Chris Brase served in the Muscatine Fire Department from 1990 to 2019. He retired after 29 years of service, including 25 as a Paramedic. 

Brase also served as Trustee, VP, and President of the Muscatine Association of Firefighters, as well as Trustee and current Vice President of Iowa Professional Firefighters. He has also served as a Board Member of the Quad Cities Federation of Labor. Chris is deeply involved in his community. His 4 year stint as Senator from the 46th district from 2013 to 2017 showed Chris was a representative for the everyday Iowan.

During the years that we were more deeply involved in politics, we found Chris Brase to be one of the very best listeners to his constituents. He really cares. That will be a very important skill as Iowa looks for leadership during the continuing pandemic and what will be a possible rocky recovery.

Iowa will need leaders like Chris Brase who can translate constituent needs into good policy.

The current holder of this seat and Chris’ opponent is Mark Lofgren. Lofgren has stood with Republicans in every policy they have passed in the past four years. Much of that policy has been pretty rough on working class Iowa. From last November:     

“Any resident of Senate district 46 who lost collective bargaining rights, was adversely affected by Medicaid privatization, suffered a workplace injury following a workers’ comp overhaul that slashed benefits, or faces higher tuition at Muscatine Community College has Lofgren to thank.”

You can add the recently passed suppression of the vote in Iowa in the coming election that was passed by Republicans in the legislature at the hasty end of the 2020 session. 

We will need cool heads who have concern for the state as whole, not just what is best for their party. That is why Chris Brase is the right choice in senate district 46.

This will be a close election. Chris could use your help. Just go to his web page and hit the DONATE button to lend a hand.  


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