Flipping The Iowa House Is A Team Sport

Christina Bohannan and Christian Andrews

After winning the June 2 primary election in Iowa House District 85, Christina Bohannan got straight to work raising campaign funds. Not for herself, but for other house candidates who might use the help. She kicked off a fundraising campaign on July 2 with this note.

Dear friends,

Today is my 49th birthday! In my 49 years on this earth, I have never seen a time when we have needed strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership more than we do now. So I am using my birthday week to kick off a new campaign. It is a fundraising campaign—to take back the majority of the Iowa House of Representatives. We only need to flip four seats, and we have many outstanding Democratic candidates in winnable districts (like Christian Andrews from District 95 pictured above with me at a recent fundraising event). Every dollar I raise will go to helping these great people get elected!

I know that many of you gave to my campaign leading up to the primary. I am so grateful for your past support. Now I am asking for your help again. Together, I believe we really can bring about needed change in the district and in the State.

Why is it so important to flip the Iowa House?

Democrats must take back a majority in the House to restore balance to our State government. Over the past decade, we have been losing Iowa’s common-sense progressive values as the Republicans have taken control of the House, the Senate, and the governor’s office. The House is the chamber where we are most likely to be successful in taking back the majority.

I have ambitious legislative priorities, including:

  • racial and criminal justice reform
  • protecting voting rights
  • restoring collective bargaining, worker rights and safety • reinvesting in education • providing access to affordable healthcare, including mental healthcare • passing common-sense gun safety legislation, and • taking action on water quality and climate change.

But I cannot do these things alone. We need a Democratic majority in the House who will support these initiatives and help to make them a reality.

I know this is a difficult time for many people, but if you are able, I hope you will give. The time is now – there is nothing more important we can do for our state between now and November.

Thank you for all of your support!

Please take care and stay safe,

Christina Bohannan
Candidate, Iowa House District 85
To donate, click here.

~To learn more about flipping the Iowa House of Representatives to a Democratic majority, read about candidates on the Flip It Iowa! website: https://www.flipitiowa.net with links to donate directly to each campaign.

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