The Rita Review – July 2020 Edition

Welcome to the July edition of The Rita Review! June was as busy as ever as we balanced working on the farm and the campaign! And with just 4 MONTHS until Election Day, it’s only going to be busier from here on out.

“Rita Hart’s First Bill in The House Would Reform it”

Rita is going to work hard for IA-02 and that starts with fighting corruption in Washington. In a recent article, she said:

“To make progress on the issues we all care about – health care, jobs, justice, public safety, and education, we need to fundamentally change how Washington does business so every voice can be heard,”

“Too often in Washington, the loudest and most powerful voices drown out the rest of us” because special interests use money and influence to stymie progress,”

Learn more about Rita’s fight against corruption here.

Human Rights Campaign Endorsement

An exciting endorsement from the Human Rights Campaign came in early this month. Iowa has a proud history in the fight for equality. Rita is prepared to work to pass the Equality Act and ensure equal rights for all Iowans.

On to the General Election!

After a record-breaking Primary Election with more voter turnout than usual thanks to a push to expand access to mail-in voting, Rita is moving on to the General Election! Things will only get harder from here as experts still call this district a total tossup, but we’re up to the challenge. Rita’s looking forward to fighting for all of us here in IA-02 and protecting the programs that we rely on like Medicaid and Medicare from an opponent who supports voucherization and privatization.

Celebrating Paul!

A few weeks ago was Father’s day, and Rita had to show some love for her husband Paul, a kind, supportive and loving father and grandfather to their children and grandchildren.

Here’s to all the great dads out there who love their children and grandchildren unconditionally.

Having health insurance is crucial in a pandemic

Like so many Iowans, quality health care is personal to Rita. Her mother suffered from chronic health conditions and her nephew requires home care. We need to protect and strengthen the ACA, not overturn it.

It’s time for DC politicians to get to work to lower the cost of prescription drugs by letting Medicare negotiate better prices and provide new incentives to increase the number of rural health care providers.

Learn more about what Rita believes here.

Hart Listens!

Sarah Hogan shared her thoughts on Rita through this great Letter to the Editor!

“If she spots somebody she has not met yet, she will walk across the room or a front yard and introduce herself, saying, ‘Hello, I’m Rita Hart. What issues are important to you?'”

If you would like to help Rita win by writing a Letter to the Editor, send an email to someone from our team will be in touch!

Read the letter here!

New Website Launch

To keep up with her ever changing campaign, Rita reworked her website to offer more resources and information on her campaign. Check it out and share it with your friends here.

–Team Rita

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