Don’t Let Local News Be The Next Casualty Of The Pandemic

Help save our local news!

Here is an important action alert sponsored by Progress America, PEN America, Daily Kos, People For the American Way, and Reporters Without Borders USA.

The petition already has over 18,000 signatures on the way to their goal of 25,000.

Local media outlets, especially newspapers, are struggling to survive without advertising revenue while the economy is shut down. Communities depend on their local news for daily updates and information relevant to our lives. Please consider signing this petition to congress to provide aid for local media in any future stimulus packages.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, local news outlets have been providing indispensable, real-time updates on information imperative to safeguarding America’s communities. Yet, many outlets will not survive COVID-19 without immediate economic help.

As Congress considers future economic stimulus aid packages for impacted people and businesses, they must also provide a lifeline to local reporters and local media to ensure they continue providing their vital service to the American people.

We’re calling for at least $5 billion to support local journalists and to make information accessible to communities of color, rural communities, working-class communities and immigrant communities. This can take the form of direct financial aid as well as increased federal ad spending in local and community media.

Sign the petition to Congress to include funding for local news in the next stimulus package.

Here’s what the letter says:

To: All Members of Congress
From: [Your Name] Click here to sign your name

As you consider further economic stimulus legislation to help the country at this precarious moment, we urge you to include targeted assistance to local journalists, just as you have with other industries deemed essential to our nation’s health, prosperity and recovery. Local news outlets, ranging from state to city and community-level media organizations, are necessary partners in meeting the critical information needs of Americans—especially during today’s public health and economic crisis.

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It is not too late to make a direct donation to one of Iowa’s great local newspapers owned by Pulitzer prize winner Art Cullen and family, The Storm Lake Times.  Click here to make a donation.

The Cullen brothers

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