Rita Hart A Natural Successor To Dave Loebsack As Second District Representative

photo credit: rollcall.com

Blog for Iowa was on a volunteer call Monday for Rita Hart’s campaign. Rita is a Democrat running for Dave Loebsack’s congressional seat in the second district.  The seat is being vacated due to Loebsack’s retirement.

Rita has a great resume for the job. She is a farmer, an educator for twenty years, and mother of five. She has served in the Iowa senate for six years. A life long Iowan, Rita grew up in what she calls a divided household, her father a Democrat and her mother a Republican. It is saying something  that she was able to win re-election as a Democrat in a largely rural swing district.

Below is a video of an interview conducted in Iowa City by the Iowa City Press-Citizen,  posted on the Des Moines Register YouTube page.  The video editing cut the questions so you don’t have context for her responses. But still, you get the idea from watching that she is a solid, down to earth, person with Iowa values who cares and can successfully work with everyone to get things done, very similar to how Dave Loebsack has represented the district. We think her values and skills will serve the constituents of Iowa’s second district well.  Like Dave, she’s not all about partisan flash, and that is a good thing.

Campaigns are being challenged this year due to COVID-19 and the inability to hold events for the time being. This race is being targeted by the GOP because of not having an incumbent defending the seat.  But the DCCC is also targeting this race because Rita is such a strong candidate. You can help Rita’s campaign while staying home by donating and following her on FB and Twitter. There are weekly text banks going on now to connect with voters every Wednesday. Go to her FB page or the DCCC Action Center to find out more or sign up.

“We all have to step up in every single way that you can. Not everyone can run for public office but we can all do something. This is something I can do and it’s something I want to do well. And that is what drives me and I think that’s what people really expect from a public servant.” – Rita Hart

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